In the last post I was speaking about people being ‘full cups’, an affliction which unfortunately often affects people in authority positions – CEO’s, small business owners, long serving employees.

Now what do they all have in common? It could be called ‘the familiarity breeds blindness syndrome’. We are living in a rapidly changing world – something many people do not really fully comprehend as yet.  Old ways of doing things no longer work, business models are changing.  Methods that sold widgets 20, 10  or even 5 years ago  will not work well today. We have moved from the information age into the age of creativity.  There are a few major business on the world stage, some of the bigger corporations that have cottoned on to this and consequently, now employ  creativity experts on their staff.

What does this have to do with familiarity and blindness?  People or businesses that are in a rut tend to just repeat the same old same old.  Because it worked once it should still work. This approach however ignores one of the fundamental laws of the universe, which is that change is the only certainty. The advantage  creativity experts have is that they are trained to think differently, they don’t see the world through the same paradigm as everyone else and they are not attached to a particular outcome.  Therefore they can be open to all possibilities. They also have high pattern recognition skills, which allow them to follow paths, others cannot perceive.

The faster the world moves, the more need we have for creative thinkers, just to help the rest of us keep up.

Today’s Question: How are you managing to see around the blind spots in your own life?

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