Creativity forces us to make changes.

Further to our discussion on people’s rejection of their own creativity – lets look at the Change Factor.

Even for those for us who constantly work with creativity, there is still often fear and resistance to change. I know I’ve often reached a point in a painting where it’s looking good but I know at some level that it needs something else,  that it could be better – if only I actually knew what that was LOL.

At that point I have to decide whether I can live with making changes and possibly losing the whole thing or leaving it as it is.

To keep going requires great courage.  However more often than not we end up with something even better if we are prepared to take that risk.  However I believe we must follow our own inner guidance system. I made the mistake once of thinking a work was pretty much finished until my partner at the time came by and said something in the vein of this would look better like that.  Internally I didn’t agree – I thought it was fine.

However to please him on this occasion, because I never usually took any notice of his criticisms, I thought – OK’ Ill do that.  Well needless to say it was a disaster and not only that  I never could seem to manage to get it back to how it was before.  I’m not blaming him – rather now understand that it was about me and not having the guts to stand up for my work and what I knew on some level was right at the time.

We have to, as creative people, understand that Change and all its inherent risks, is an integral part of the creative process.  It is only in the last few years that I have become more proficient in following my inner voice, gut instinct – call it what you will.  This is a necessity, a requirement to do good work, because if you listen and follow it invariably it is always right.

I have a fascinating story about following that voice ….

Tidal Platform II - Kadira Jennings

Tidal Platform II - Kadira Jennings