The Craft Of Creating – thoughts on the processes of creativity and art making.

Much has been written on the processes of creativity and painting.  About both the more esoteric and the technical skills that we need to acquire along the way. What do I mean by esoteric skills? These are those things which extend beyond the range of what brush to use or how to manipulate your materials. Rather they are those unseen gremlins that litter the creative path, whether you are a writer, painter, sculptor or film maker.

These are the demons of :

  • Resistance
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Perfectionism

There are probably many more, however many other things fall under the umbrella of these, which I like to call, The Big Three. So lets take a look at them individually. One of the really important things about being on the creative journey is that we

A. Recognize that we are on it and

B. Having recognized it, we Embrace it.

Even if you are only attending an art class or going to a creative writing group, stop and think for a moment – WHY are you doing that?

the craft of creating

Taking a Workshop

Most people will rationalize that away by saying something like “It’s just a hobby” or “it’s my time out away from the kids, spouse or whatever.”  However my question to you is,  WHY have you chosen to do that particular thing? Why didn’t you feel called to be an athlete or a deep-sea diver or anything else you might care to name? Well the reason is that you have felt the inner calling of your creative self. We are all called to do something in this world. We have a unique raison d’etre as the French say.  A reason for being that no one else can fulfill because they are not us.

Your turning up at an art class or a creative writing weekend is no accident. You have taken your first steps on the journey. The next post on this topic, will look at Resistance and how we do that.  What kind of behaviours can we identify as coming from Resistance? Check back in two weeks to find answers to these thoughts.

This Week’s Question: How then can you grab hold of your creative fledgling and bring it up to be the beautiful swan it was meant to be?

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