So yes – stepping out can be pretty darn scary.  Why is it so risky for us on the creative path? One of the main reasons is that creating clearly requires self honesty.   When we put something out there for the world to look at we are exposing part of our soul, our true self  for others to see.  That’s pretty vulnerable and often quite uncomfortable.  After all what glimpses of yourself do you want to show others?  How honest is your vision – and this applies whether you are in’ business’ or an ‘artist’?  Although as I’ve said before – art is a business just like any other.  Are you seeking approval and compromising your vision and what ultimately is the cost of that likely to be?

Creativity is a risky business because there are no guarantees and “failure”  is par for the course.  Not only that,  we live in a society that frowns on failure  – not understanding that it is a stepping stone on the path to success.  In fact it takes immense courage to live the truly creative path as unlike a war where there are clearly defined battles, the creative process continually presents us with challenges on a daily basis, asking us to step up and out of our comfort zones.

Below is a great Photo (Thanks Pink Chocolate)  which really says it all – so just in case you missed it  – You can’t leap across a gap like that without being fully committed.  But once you commit – well its scary and exhilarating all at the same time.

taking risks - Thanks - pink chocolate break

Taking Risks - Credit - Pink chocolate break