Continuing with thoughts on how we create, I’d like to be a bit more specific now.

So, how does the creation process actually work and is it the same process no matter what we are creating?  To answer the second part of that question first – Yes, the process is always the same.  Secondly, to understand how it works so we might use our creativity to better effect, we need to look at some fundamental principles first.

  • We live in an attractive universe.
  • What we create (manifest) are those things we give most of our attention to.
  • The process involves giving our attention to what we DO WANT  and charging that with positive emotion.

The challenge is that most of the time people are giving their attention to what they don’t want and because they are giving their attention to it that is what they attract into their life.  I can see so clearly how this has worked in my life in the past.  I remember a group exhibition I had once and I was in so much anxiety over thinking about not being able to sell my work that guess what – everyone else in the exhibition sold at least one painting and I didn’t sell any!

All creation begins in vibration first.  We live in a vibrational universe and you attract to you things that are in the same vibrational frequency as you are.  If something is not in your vibrational frequency it cannot stay in your circle of influence.  We see a classic example of this with people who win lotto. A very high percentage of these people, lose all the  money they have won and are often even worse off than they were before their win. It is a well documented phenomenon that this frequently occurs within 2 years of their win.

So why can’t these people hold on to their money?

Holding On To Money

Holding On To Money

Because they can’t hold the vibrational frequency, they don’t resonate at the same rate as the millions of dollars.  Everything in the universe is a form of energy which is vibrating at specific rates.  One man won the lotto not once but twice and still couldn’t manage to hold on to the money.

You can sense when your energy field is vibrating at the same rate as something or someone else’s because when it is you feel comfortable, things flow and you feel like you are ‘on a roll’.  Have you ever met someone that you instantly’clicked’ with – well chances are that you were a really good energy match to that person at that time.  That’s not to say that people don’t change either.  In fact that’s why we often see people leaving a relationship after 20 or 30 years together, because they have changed, they are no longer holding the same vibrational frequency.

This becomes very important when you look at your goals, the people in your life and your current situation.  Are you in the ‘starving artist mentality?’ Is your art career, or any career for that matter –  an abundant one –  you can have the starving artist type of mentality no matter what your career?

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