To continue with thoughts on success I’d like to take a look at something that might seem the opposite of moving toward success. Let’s explore the concept of Play and it’s contribution to success.

I have a question for you….. how often do you let yourself play just for the sheer fun of it?  And perhaps even more importantly, can you answer this question?  What Is Play For You??

Now that’s a bit of a curly one isn’t it? Is play interactive – how do we even define play? All of which are very sad questions because ……. Why?

The very fact that as adults, we have to even THINK about what play is and how we might do it, shows that we have lost a huge amount of insight that we had as children.  Sure kids get bored and you get the perennial, I’m bored, I don’t know what to play type exclamations from your young ones, but have you ever watched children engrossed in play.  They don’t need fancy toys from Matel. My kids got more hours enjoyment from a big old fridge box than most of the ‘toys’ I ever bought them. That box became a chameleon – some days it was a castle repelling invaders and others it became a time machine landing on different worlds, or a pirate ship navigating the high seas.


Ahoy ye scurvy sea dogs!

Some how as adults we seem to think we need a ‘couple of wines’ in order to begin playing – why is that?

Well ‘a couple of wines’ allow us to lower our defences, to not care so much about what other people might think of us.  We suddenly become risk takers, and jesters…….. a whole new world opens up to us.

This weeks Question: Can you think of any other reasons why we don’t engage in ‘frivolous’ play as adults?

Next week: A deeper look at how this relates to art and success.



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