We spend hours and hours every day thinking, however is all this brain energy necessarily productive?  Is it always positive?  Thinking is another of  the qualities of an artist that we need to pay attention to. You would be surprised perhaps if you were able to capture every thought you have in a day and look at…

a. How positive is that thought ?

b. How constructive is it?

c. Are you over thinking?

We are educated to think in certain ways, which are actually detrimental to the creative process.  As creatives we need to learn to think all over again.  Truly original thought is a difficult thing.  Within the creative process we need to develop the skill of being able to think both for yourself and against yourself.

What does that mean – thinking against yourself?  As a creative you must develop the ability to think outside your habitual channels. Creativity requires discernment – the ability to recognize one’s own mistakes and not go into emotional meltdown over them.  More on that later….

You must be able to hold up the mental mirror and see and analyse that reflection for flaws and then look at ways to improve.

Right brain thinking - Left handed painting

Cathedral Cove – Left handed painting

Many times, over thinking can be one of our biggest impediments or stumbling blocks on the creative path.  Why is this?

It usually means that we have gone from right brain thought to left brain thinking patterns.  When thinking in a left brain mode, we go into analytical, judgemental and critical  thought patterns which distort or block our creative flow.  I find it fascinating, that since I have begun painting with the left hand, my non dominant hand, my work’s quality has increased in it’s emotional intensity, impact and spontaneous flow of energy.  The minute  the paint brush goes back into the right hand, I begin striving for perfection again and it really loses something indefinable but intrinsically present.

This seems like a paradox, and its true nevertheless. Take a look at some other paintings that were painted with my dominant right hand – you will see the difference right away. You will notice these works are much more detailed, have a design element and are much more highly structured, yet less emotional.

This Weeks Question: Have you noticed how your thinking process affects your creative process? 

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