I met a lady on the beach this morning who said to me -” There’s a tsunami coming.”

“Right” I said  – not really believing her of course – I mean – come on – here in Australia – nah…..

Well actually-  yeah….  There was an earthquake in Chile  – a realignment of the earths plates.

Its a strange sensation to be sitting here in my usual Sunday morning cafe – right on the beach , knowing that several thousand miles away there is a wave racing across the ocean towards me at the speed of 7 hundred kilometers an hour..  That’s faster than the plane I catch to New Zealand when I go back to visit!

The tide is already very high this morning.  The forces of nature are creators of immense, uncontrollable energies- that often rearrange our  lives on a massive scale.  How we deal with these events is a measure of who we are at our core.  It can be a time of opportunity to re-align ourselves and re-create our lives anew in a fashion that is more pleasing to us, or a tragedy to continually lament over, a reason to stay stuck the rest of our days. Which path would you take?

I met a lady on a train once whose house had burnt to the ground in the midst of renovations.  They were lucky to escape with their lives. They lost everything in that fire except the clothes they were wearing.  She told me that this ‘tragedy’ caused  her and her partner to  totally re-evaluate their lives.  They both changed careers and are now doing something they love thats in alignment with their own creative genius.  She began an art degree and is now doing her masters and I think he became a lawyer.

Calm before The Tsunami

Calm before The Tsunami