The Starving Artist

Something I touched on in the last post about the creative process, was the concept of the Starving Artist, a very real archetype, part of the shadow side of the Artist archetype. In case you are unfamiliar with the concept of archetypes I’ll give a brief description here.


The first person to identify the concept of archetypes was Carl Jung. He put forward that we have a variety of different, core skills, traits, energies and talents that can be categorized and named. Each archetype has what is termed a ‘Light Side’ and a ‘Dark Side’. The way we act, our interests, career, the books we like to read, our hobbies, our style, are all a reflection in some way of one of our archetypes. When we don’t allow our selves to express our different archetypes, the positive aspects of them, then they will be expressed in negative ways through the shadow side of that particular archetype. For example, one of the archetypes is the Artist and part of the shadow of this archetype is the Starving Artist, as mentioned before.

The identification and study of your personal archetypes gives you a fascinating insight into your own behaviour which can point you in the right direction in terms of career choices,  elements of your life purpose and what is going on when you are experiencing challenges.  If you would like to know what your archetypes are there is an online ArchetypeTest you can take.

A common archetype with which we are all familiar is the Rebel, the darker side of which is often personified by many of the motorcycle gangs seen throughout the world.



Pix credit: Roy Lister

See my next post for an in depth look at the Artist archetype.