Here’s a few more thoughts on valuing artists.  Many of us come from a background of ‘poverty consciousness’.  We had parents who grew up in the Great Depression and lived with ‘not enough’ for the rest of their lives.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression

This was passed onto their children perpetuating the myth and becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

Then on top of that artists have to struggle with a cultural perception that artists are poor, starving in the garret ( which by the way contributes to creating brilliant art),  ‘the only rich artist is a dead artist’ and so on ad nauseum.  One of those lies many artists have chosen to believe is that,  unless some kind of suffering is involved it cant possibly be great art!

As contemporary artists we are tasked with altering this perception both in our own lives and in changing society’s expectations.  We need to show that artists are abundant that we can and do produce great works which uplift  and move humanity forward without having to starve in garrets or live in anxt!

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Pix Credit: Picture from the FDR Library, courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.

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