So you have decided that you are an artist.  Are there any qualities that will help you to become successful at that – whatever ‘success’ means to you?  The answer is yes and if you have decided to become a professional artist there are a few extra things as well that you might need to help you along.

Here are the main ingredients that go into the ‘artist’ pie whether you just want to dabble or become a professional artist.

  • A passion to do it
  • The ability to persevere
  • Being able to embrace failure as a necessary part of the process and utilize it to move forward

If you want to become a professional artist, then you may also want to consider the importance of these things:

  • Understanding your own creative process
  • Recognizing that you are in a business and taking whatever steps are necessary to make that business successful
  • Developing your own niche. This equals a signature style, distinctly recognizable as exclusively yours in much the same way a signature is unique to you.
Signature Style ©2010 Kadira Jennings

Signature Style ©2010 Kadira Jennings

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