What Kind of Business Is Art? 

Is art a real business?Are you wanting to sell your paintings?  Most artists come to a point somewhere along the way, when they decide it is time to begin looking at selling some of their work, usually for one or both of the following reasons.

  • They have run out of room to store their work.  Every wall is hung with paintings and the garage is full up and the studio is overflowing.
What Kind of Business Is Art

Too Many Paintings

  • The other reason is because you have run out of money to buy new art materials and want to keep going!

So if you are an artist – what is your business really?

  •  Is it making paintings – producing something? 
  • Is it marketing those products?
  • Or are you in the business of Selling

Well the bad news  is that –

Your business is not painting, or writing poetry, or directing movies. These are products that you are producing. 

You are in a business making products that you are SELLING – oops, there’s that horrible word again!

However what is even more important to understand is WHAT  exactly you are selling. Now you are more than likely thinking – “Is she mad? I’m selling paintings, or books or whatever the creative thing is that is being sold.”  Well actually you are not. 

This then naturally segues into a conversation about the value of art. Which I will cover in a later post.  Suffice to say for the moment that in order to sell anything well, you must understand the need that you are filling in the person who is buying that thing.

What is someone looking for when they buy an art work?  Can you answer that question? Why? Because this is what you are really selling. If your works are about children for example, you might be actually selling parent hood feelings, or nostalgia. 


This Weeks Question: What kind of person might want your art work?

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