I think you would have to say that there are many things that go into the mix of an artist being successful.  However of all of them I believe that probably the most important is MINDSET.

First and foremost  it is your attitude.  The same holds true for anything really from being an entrepreneur to an olympic athlete.  If you don’t have the mind set you will never make it. So what do we mean by MINDSET? Well there are a few factors involved.

There is a saying that goes something like this …. If you think you can – you can and if you think you can’t  well that’s true too. I have touched upon this idea in previous posts, but really it all comes down to a universal law – the Law of Attraction. How does this work?  What you focus on and have an emotional connection to determines what manifests in your life.  How might this work for you as an artist?

Well I can give you a real life example from many years ago.  I had organized a group exhibition with some other women, who had been students of mine at one point. Anyway, I had a pretty negative mindset back in those days, and although I was trying to think positively, at some level I just ‘knew’ I wouldn’t sell any thing at that show.  And guess what? Of course I didn’t! And not only that all the other women sold at least one painting in the show!  I was mortified, crushed, and disillusioned to say the least.  However looking back I can see so clearly now that I created that.

Art Exhibition

The other women on the other hand were all happily optimistic, it was their first group showing and they were happy and excited with no great expectations.

So that is the first thing you need to work on.

You know the principles of this work for anything – it sounds simple but lining up with it is entirely another matter because we always seem to get in our own way! Here are the steps…

  • Be very clear about what it is that you want ( ie to sell 3 paintings at the show)
  • You must believe that this goal is possible for you to achieve
  • Feel really good about the idea and then
  • Just forget about it! Yes you heard me right – Forget About It!

We don’t have to do the ‘How’ – the universe takes care of that – providing you with opportunities you could never have managed in a 100 years.

Oh and then there’s one more very important thing – Get Happy!! The happier you feel the quicker your desire will come about.

I have 2 quite amazing true life stories about this process that I will share in the coming posts.

To get back to Artists success, this is just the first step. Stay tuned to this spot in the coming weeks!

This Week’s Question: What does success mean for you?

Next week look for: News about the student exhibition in April

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