What To Do With Older Work – Some more ideas.

Idea #2 – Re-purpose the Materials to Create a New Art Exhibition

  • Many artists  take old canvases and paint an entirely new painting over the top of an older work.Some of these pieces are totally new compositions, while others modify older imagery.
  • Many abstract artists work in this way, allowing glimpses of the old work show to through as texture, tone or colour, in the new piece. An artist who regularly works in this way, although not necessarily using old canvasses  is Flora Bowley you can see the underneath elements showing through in her work here.

Repurposing old artworks


  • Many sculptors do similar re-purposing by melting down an old piece to cast a new work (not recommended in most cases).

The Problems with This Approach

  • Not all art materials lend themselves to being reused, and sometimes the effort it takes to prepare used materials isn’t worth the effort.
  • If you particularly struggled with the old painting, then it does not have a good energy in it and wont make for a very good foundation to the next work.
  • Unless you have some clarity around the image you want to build out of the older  work, it can be a difficult task .

Flora Bowley has written a great book that will help you work intuitively into abstract painting, if that is your thing, it is called Brave Intuitive Painting

Exhibition Reminder

Older Work,Exhibition in July



The opening to this exhibition is this Saturday the 18th of July at 2.30 pm.  See all the exhibition details in the flyer above.  I I would love to see you there if you have time to come along.  Please come up and say hello if you do. There are going to be drinks and nibbles, the latter being provided is being provided by the new cafe in the art gallery.

If you feel so inclined you could go for a coffee afterwards and a wander through Japanese gardens.

This Weeks Question: The same as last week!  Have you supported your local artists recently? Attending an exhibition opening is a way of doing this that really boosts them and doesn’t commit you to anything.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post:  See how the exhibition went.



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