The series I’ve just done on Beauty in Art led me to thinking more about why we create.  Why do you create?  Take some time out now  – half an hour maybe, and have a think about the following questions and maybe find some answers to them. Journaling your answers  could be a way of finding some enlightening answers for yourself. To see a great book giving you ideas on journaling take a look at   1,000 Artist Journal Pages.  To see a review – check out what Melanie Sage had to say.

Anyway Here are your thought provokers…..

  1. Do you feel driven to create things?  If so, are you able to identify what drives you, eg success, connection, a desire for self expression?
  2. Do you find more joy in some areas of creating than others?
  3. What areas of your life are you consciously creating in ie. money, relationships, health…. you know the big things……. And of course you realise that everything else that’s left …. well that’s the stuff you are unconsciously creating in – right?
  4. Do you truly believe that you are a creative being?
  5. How much of your creating is conscious and how much is on automatic?
  6. What are you giving your attention to?