“An Artist’s Journey.”  Welcome!

I invite you to share in an artist’s journey of unfolding creativity – in this case my own.  I am beginning a new series of posts on a Thursday that follow my creative process and this artist’s journey. My art life has been a chequered career to say the least and it was only really this year that I have finally committed to the fact that yes I am an artist and it’s about time I started living like one. I had coffee with a dear friend today and told her my news

‘Hey guess what?  I really am an artist now!”  She looked at me in amazement and said –

“And what were you before?” when I replied,

” A failure” She broke into gales of laughter and we both thought that was a great joke!

Well up until now that really was what I thought – such is the artist’s journey.

One must do the work and follow the dream, which is often like circumnavigating the globe by the most circituitous route possible!

I am fortunate as my work is teaching art, which then still leaves me around 20 or so hours a week to paint.

I would like to share, the thing that got me working again was taking on a coach. It might seem strange, as she is an art business coach really, but what Ariane did was get me painting again. I think she was rather bemused by the fact that I’d come to her in that capacity and yet I was hardly painting at that point and had no body of current work. Not only that, but  the work I did have was all over the show, and as she said, ‘It could have been done by three different people!”

What really got me off my backside was her first challenge – to paint three paintings in a week and then a further challenge to do five paintings in a week! Not only that – all these works were to be painted with my non dominant hand. Freak out city!!!

Well that was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Sometimes we just need some one to give us that nudge. or in this case a virtual kick up the backside! (We connect on Skype) And it’s amazing the lengths the ego will go to, to look good in someone else’s eyes. This is one of the reasons the coaching relationship works so well. We don’t want to ‘fail’ when someone else is looking on and we also want to be the best we can be.

So, here is my first left handed painting – ever

Cathedral Cove I 19x24" Oils by Kadira Jennings

Cathedral Cove I 19×24″ Oils

It is my hope that by inviting you on my artist’s journey that you will gain a much greater insight into what it takes to create a painting, the highs and lows, the joys and challenges.

A painting is a lot more than just the brush strokes of paint upon the canvas.  To buy a painting is to invest in a small piece of the artist’s life and a little piece of their soul which enters every work they create. Even more than this it is my belief that every great painting is a co creation with our Creator and it’s success relies on the influence of God’s energy that the artist has allowed to flow through them and onto their canvas.