A New Series – Beginnings

As I introduced last week, I have begun a collaboration with my friend using Georgia O’Keeffe as our muse.

The exhibition will take the form of photographs, Prue’s, and paintings, mine. We thought it would be interesting to make the works both the same size and each subject will be hung next to its partner. The first subject we have chosen is a black cabbage and the photos you see here are mine, which may or may not become a painting. At this point, I am just playing around with ideas and images.


Black Cabbage

The current title of the new series is Revealing the Unseen and contains a couple of concepts within it. There is the idea of going deeper within ourselves and in the process of creating these works of art, revealing greater insights and creating work from a deeper place than before.

This idea also fits with the concept of Light and Darkness, that is, moving from the Dark into the Light in a pictorial sense as well as from a conceptual space. It is a process of revealing to ourselves things that were hidden before. All creative work is also a journey of self-development to a greater or lesser degree.

Of course contained within the light-dark paradigm, there is always an element of mystery. For what is within the dark is hidden and we wonder about what those things might be. Then as they come into the light they are slowly revealed.
What beauty is revealed when I combine the elements of Light and Darkness with a black cabbage. Some quite startling results, I must say. Then it is a matter of taking those results and pairing them down into their essentials, to create a liquid beauty of essence, line, colour, tone and form.

The photographic images here are mine and as yet I have to do some working studies with them.  I’ve hardly scratched the surface of the essence of this plant.  Although I do have to say that while I was taking the photos using the elements of light and dark, the cabbage revealed some secrets to me that I would not have come across without using these techniques


Black Cabbage II