Continuing with our discussion of Artistic Quality  this post is about the skill of  Gathering.

What is the artistic quality of gathering?

Gathering is the artistic quality we need to use before we can Dream or Imaginate.

How do we do this?  One of the best way to do this is to use a technique, first coined by Julia Cameron.  It is something that has become a staple in the tool box of many artists now.  Simply called ‘An Artists’ Date’ it has far-reaching benefits, which we often don’t appreciate till some distant point down the winding path of our creative journey.

If you are not already doing an artist date, I recommend you begin doing it right away, regardless of whether you consider your self to be a creative person or not.  It will affect your life in ways as yet unseen.

The technique is simple in concept, however the execution of  it can be supremely difficult at times.  Why? For the simple reason that it requires us to take time out of our week, every week, to honour ourselves.  Take an hour or two to go and do something we would love to do.  Take no one else.  It is a date with yourself to spend time in your own company, appreciating and having fun doing things you really enjoy.

During this date with your self you will be developing the artistic quality of gathering in: sights, sounds, smells etc. It is about recharging your creative batteries and should be seen to be as important as putting fuel in your car. This is an artistic quality we could all do with possessing a little of don’t you think?

Artistic quality - gathering coffee experiences

Exploring new coffee shops

It is amazing what you notice when you set an intention to not just have a coffee for example.  Look at these beautiful shadows on the roof of a coffee bar in Picton.

Artistic quality -Look for inspiration everywhere

Look for inspiration everywhere

I struggle with this myself.  There is such a huge temptation to insert other things into this time slot, that crop up and seem to be much more important! I have over the years come up with an expanded version of the Artist Date as I think these elements help us to get the most out of it. So here is my process.

Firstly, get yourself a nice blank notebook.  Your first artist date could even be a trip to go and find one.  Something special, because you are going to record all your artist dates in it. Or Amazon has a great selection – this is one of my favourites.  Next post I will tell you what we are going to do with it…..

This Weeks Question: When are you going to get your Artists Date Journal? – you will be needing it for the next post.

Next week look for: Detailed information to help you make your Artist Date a regular part of your life


Posted by: Kadira Jennings