Charcoal Drawings

Charcoal Drawings were the flavour of the moment last week as I was playing around with a new series I’m embarking on. This series will still be in the New Romantic genre. These charcoal drawings were developed from an idea wherein I was exploring, how the idea of the heart might fit into an actual landscape. The drawings were done using willow charcoal, a pretty flexible medium – messy but favourable.  I use the willow in favour of compressed charcoal which comes in much fatter sticks and tends to go rather too dark, you don’t get as bigger range of tones out of it.  It is not as flexible to use.

charcoal drawings,Landscapes of the heart I - Kadira Jennings

Landscapes of the Heart I


I am thinking about turning this painting below into either version of these drawings.

charcoal drawings inspiration for Mt Taranaki

Mt Taranaki


charcoal drawings,Landscapes of the heart II

Landscapes of the Heart II


Keep an eye out for the end result in the coming weeks!

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