Colour Mixing Complementary Colours

For this subject, colour mixing complementary colours I thought I’d do something easy, like take a short video of me working.  Well it was a great idea, but as so often happens with great ideas, they don’t quite work out the way you thought they would.  You know all the technical things you don’t think of.

So …. here’s me thinking – I’ll just take a quick video with my iPhone – lots of people do it – how hard can it be?

  • Only trouble with that, is then you want to edit it – so of course I’m looking for the Windows movie editing program
  • Find it and install it, only to discover they have taken pretty much anything useful out of it now.
  •  Then begins a search for a previous version I can download.  Yes I found it, installed it and there’s still problems.
  • By the end of the day most of them were ironed out and in walks my partner who tells me, after my explanation of the day’s frustrations, that he has a movie editing program unused in a box in his office!!!  Grrrr…. Oh Thank you so much !!!! LOL!
Colour Mixing complementary colours, Frustration Hits

Frustration Hits


  • So then begins a vertical curve of installing and learning the new program!
  • Finally all done and rendered only to find volume track – too loud , TWICE!

So please look kindly upon this first offering from my studio. Here it is warts (mistakes) and all. All perfectionists – Don’t Watch!  I’m on a learning curve here folks!

This video only shows the mixing of the colours.  Below are some close ups of the painting once the colour was added.


Complementary colour mixing

Complementary colour mixing


Colour Mixing complementary colours



This Weeks Question: Are you letting mistakes hold you back?

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