No More Mud – Colour Mixing Workbook

I am excited to announce my first e-book the No More Mud – colour mixing workbook.

This Workbook is a definitive guide to understanding the complexities of colour mixing, in a simple step by step format. It demystifies a subject that has many beginning and self-taught artists shaking their heads at their colour mixing results.

Colour mixing workbook

Working from the colour mixing workbook

There are many hands on exercises to do in the workbook and if you follow them in a sequential order, by the end of the book you will understand how to mix pure, or muddy colours at will.

The workbook looks at the flaws in the 3 primary colour system of mixing colours, promotes the 6 colour system and introduces the concept of colour buddies. The colour buddy system helps you get your head around what is going on ‘ínside’ the colours you are mixing, which leads to integrating the material in a more easily remembered fashion.  

As well as the above basics of colour mixing, the book takes a look at the all important aspect of tone and the nature and use of complementary colours.


This e-book comes in an A6 landscape format and can easily be printed out, cut in half and put together.


This Weeks Question: Do you really understand colour mixing and would you like an easy way to understand it?

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