OK so we now have a much better idea of who our Inner Critic is.  That being the case, how about making a list all the kinds of things he/she might say to you,  for example Boris might say to me, nasty things like:

  • What makes you think anyone is going to like your work?  OR
  • If you don’t sell any work that means it’s no good    OR
  • She’s just saying that she likes this work because she’s my sister/friend etc   OR
  • She (my sister) is only buying my painting because she feels sorry for me … not because she really likes it  OR
  • Someone dares to tell me that  they really do like my work and I find every reason under the sun to tell them why it’s no good

Of course that list is endless…………..


Photo Credit (John’s online journal)

I think this wonderful cartoon which has been around for ever in various forms – kind of says it all in a way!

Now looking at your list – there is a pretty good chance that many of those very thoughts have been keeping you in not such a good place.  What you might want to do is take the power out of those statements.  Here’s one way to  do that.

This amazing technique  can take the power out of these nasty little comments – if you are prepared to actually be honest with yourself and  ask yourself the question

  • Is that true?

This seems very simplistic but what you will find when you begin asking yourself this is that probably at least 90% of the time we have constructed a story around the thing we are telling ourselves, that actually isn’t true.  I have probably had every one of the above thoughts at one time or another, some many times over and you know – when it comes right down to it, I can’t say that they 100%  true.

So this the forces me to look and ask the question

  • So what is true?

The first person who introduced me to this way of thinking was Byron Katie.  She has an amazing personal story and does incredible work helping people to heal themselves from their own self destructive stories.

Other ways to silence the Inner Critic…..

  • Ask Boris (substitute your Inner Critic’s name) for some Positive Feedback – say you’ll only turn the volume back up if he can find something good/helpful to say
  • Ask yourself – what are the good things about this – work/situation/event etc
  • SMILE…… Smiles are incredibly powerful – they change our state. If you don’t feel like smiling think about a time when you were really happy  – SMILE
  • Imagine Boris (X) getting smaller and smaller and smaller until he disappears

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