The Dance Of Life Continues…

Well it does doesn’t it.  Sometimes I think the dance is a slow-moving waltz and at others it’s a frantic roller coaster ride – fast, frenetic and hairy. Well painting’s a bit like that too really.  It’s only occasionally that you get the waltz.  That slow and stately progression through a work that flows with grace and ease.  The Dance Of Life painting was somewhere in between, I suspect.  It certainly had its slow movements, but I fear they were more glue-like than graceful!

The block in was fine….

The Dance of Life continues

The Dance of Life


The drawing slowly completed.The Dance of Life continues




Then came the first block in of the paint layers on the tree.

The Dance of Life continues

And now the background is painted in with a first thin layer of paint.

The Dance of Life

The Dance of Life Continues

At this stage all the painting is finally fully blocked in.  In the photo it almost looks like it could be finished at this point.  However it didn’t yet have any of the energy I was wanting to suggest in the work.  My vision was to attempt to paint the tree’s life force radiating from into the surrounding space. Also to try if possible to give a sense of the passage of time through which the tree has lived – hence the dance of life.  And so the fun began and the dance of life continues……. To be continued in the next post.

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And it absolutely had its hairy moments – several of them in fact.

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