A Flurry Of Last Minute Things To Do

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So many things to do this week as the day to hang the exhibition approaches.

Now let me see…. hmmm…. Let’s make a list of all the things I have to do for a solo exhibition….. this is the comprehensive list – unlike last weeks post, which didn’t list everything!

  • Find a gallery to show your work!
  • Finish all the paintings
  • Finish shrink wrapping the last print that got left out – somehow
  • Get Prints, cards and flyers printed
  • Get mats for the prints and then mat them
  • Shrink wrap all the prints
  • Make a poster
  • Figure out pricing for cards
  • Make and print authenticity certificates for all the works
  • Do a press release
  • Contact Imag – get in Nov-Dec issue
  • Get holders for the prints and cards
  • Get a guest book for comments
  • Get John to put brackets on back of triptych for me so it stays together
  • Deliver flyers and posters
  • Type up the Card and print price list
  • Send out all the invites
  • Ring some people to invite them
  • Social media posts…. FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Finish adding show to media outlets ie tourism NSW
  • Finish the last two painting artist statements for the wall ( not done)
  • Contact Meredith Gilmore at Coast Art radio
  • Create email campaign reminding people of the exhibition opening
  • Put cords and brown tape on the back of each painting
  • Paint around the edges of each work
  • Pack all the works for transporting
  • Organize someone to open the exhibition
  • Organize someone to take photos at the opening (not done)
  • Get drinks etc for the opening

As you can see there are many things that go into organizing a solo exhibition. – If you are a beginning artist – this list might help you with some of the things you may have forgotten to do.  I must say however that they aren’t in chronological order. Also not all of them will apply to everyone, like putting brackets on the backs of the triptych. 

And as a reminder, here are all the exhibition details again.

things to do,New Horizons,kadira jennings

Start:Thu 01 Dec 2016

End:Sat 31 Dec 2016


These works examine the Challenges, and Hopes of refugees and displaced persons. 10% of sales will be donated to the Northern Settlement Services (NSS) charity for helping refugees on the Central Coast. The opening ceremony will be presented by celebrated Newcastle artist John Morris and a spokesperson from NSS will be sharing some insights into her work with refugees.


THE OFFICIAL OPENING: 11th December 2pm – please RSVP to Kadira if you would like to attend the opening.


Ruby Samadhi Gallery

6,11-13 Cochrone Street


Central Coast NSW


Kadira on – 04144 38121

This Weeks Question: Can you think of anything else that ought to be on this list?

Look For Next Week’s PostDetails from hanging the exhibition