Student Exhibition A Great Success


Outside The Studio


The Student Exhibition – So here we are, the scene is set, and Gilta is putting the finishing touches on the wine and bikkies table. As you can see from the photo it was a beautiful day.

Many thanks to all the helpers on the opening day, which allowed the event run smoothly.

Studio 1 Paintings,Student_exhibition,spring_fever,welcome

Studio 1 Paintings

It was amazing to see all the works hanging on the wall from all the different classes. The students got a real buzz seeing their work up, there as well as having a chance to meet students from other classes.


Studio 1 Paintings,Student_exhibition,spring_fever,welcome

More Paintings in Studio 1


There was such a variety of work ranging from, abstract to quite detailed realism, impressionistic works and of course drawings and watercolours.


studio one - The Green Corner,Student_exhibition,spring_fever,

Studio one – The Green Corner


As you can imagine it took quite a while to curate and hang this exhibition. I’d like to say thank you to the bumping in crew, Gilta, Rick, Yuley and John, and a special thanks to John, my partner, who put up all the railing in the studio. great job people!


Student_exhibition,spring_fever,The Bumping In Crew

The Bumping In Crew


Also thanks to those who helped bump out on Sunday – which took way less time than the bumping in. I’m not sure how many of you there were as it was quite chaotic at the time, however, just know that if you helped, I’m very grateful. 

Student_exhibition,spring_fever,Wine and Nibblies

Wine and Nibblies

And look at the lovely spread – more thank yous to everyone who brought something along! – It was quite a feast.


Student_exhibition,spring_fever,My Awesomeness Moment

My Awesomeness Moment


And of course, here is me being awesomely overwhelmed, when Gilta presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bag of goodies, from the students.  Thank you so much Gilta for that wonderful surprise. And thanks to Stephanie for being the photographer of the day …………

Last but not least, we were very excited to sell four of the student’s works. That was a real buzz for them, especially as they were bought by strangers.  Congratulations to everyone who took a big step forward and allowed me to hang their work, and a really big congratulations to those of you who sold work. 

There will be more photos in the next issue of The Art Life.  If you don’t already receive the bi-monthly magazine, here is a link to take a look at this months issue. The ArtLife