What Is The Hidden Short Cut To Evolving A Body Of Work?

Well, if you want the truth – the shocking truth is – there is none!

Evolving a body of work is something that happens over a period of time.  Artists go about this in different ways.  Some never really plan a body of work, they might explore a certain subject for a while and then move on to something else. However over time they build up a collection of works that are all in a similar style of painting.  There is something that unifies them.  It might be the palette they are using, the style of their brush strokes, or the subject matter itself, but it will be something that is unique to them. 

evolving a body of work,van gogh,painting in a series     evolving a body of work,van gogh,painting in a series

If we look at the two works above we can quite clearly identify that they are very similar in the way they have been painted and would conclude that they have been done by the same artist.  Which of course they have – the amazing Van Gogh.

If you are looking for gallery representation, you are more likely to obtain it if the gallerist can see some kind of continuity in your work. So unfortunately the only short cut to getting a body of work together, is to do many paintings, sculptures or other creative mediums.

As with everything else in the art world, there are unspoken rules and yet it is my view that the people we often regard as the greatest creatives, are the ones who have been courageous enough to throw the rule book out the window. However when it comes to getting work hung in a gallery, you need to know the ‘rules’ that the gallerist is running. Research is your greatest ally.  Does the gallery tend to show similar types of works? Check out their archives.  Have they ever shown work like yours. Did that artist have a cohesive body of work or not?

Take a look at my latest body  of work and see if you can identify what holds it together.

This Weeks Question: What things about your work lend it to being a cohesive body of work?

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