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If you could do any Job In The World, What Would It Be?

If you could do – Any Job – at all, you say. Well let me see, I actually quite like the job I have now. Gracie, my granddaughter brought this subject up the other day.  We were at the dinner table when she asked John and me how many jobs we’ve had. So I began making a list  – and the more I thought about it the more surprised I was. – Here is the list from the time I was 11. Some were paid, some were not. I never realized until I made this list, how many skills I’ve acquired as I’ve gone through life.

1. A paper round

2. Picking strawberries

3. Working for a clothing shop like Lowes – called Williams outfitters. ( I was about 15 and got sacked because I wore my hair in  a beehive to work one day!)

4. Picking apples – a uni holiday job – that came with its own set of perils in the form of an overly amorous owner who had a wife and 6 kids, but thought I might like a dalliance with him – NOT!

5. Working on a bulb farm that sold daffodils and jonquils –  another uni holiday job

6. Working in an electrical components factory ( the most boring job on earth, winding wire around  little plastic coils all day long) – yet another uni holiday job

7. Running a small private school in New Zealand

8. Working in the office of the Poultry Men’s Coop.

9. Office work at Heards Sweet factory in Parnell which is now a bunch of fancy warehouse apartments.

10. Home Schooling my kids

11. Running a business doing painted finishes and wall murals

12. Partner in a luxury fabric, dying and printing business after the style of Fortuny.

Luxury fabric

13. Liming floors  – you know that trendy look of milky white floors. – A back-breaking job if ever there was one

14. Staining floors

15. Making Jewellery – several different incarnations of this  took place over time, – liquid silver necklaces – back in the 80’s, silver smithing, cast resin – hand painted jewellery, Fimo jewellery — made like Venetian glass and then when we came to Australia, Australiana animals, and birds, as well as full on flower creations i.e.  roses, fuschias etc.

16. Creativity coach

17. Published poet

18. And last but not least, winding through much of the above – being an artist and art teacher.

I would have to say that I feel very blessed to have ended up doing a job that is so connected to my passion – creativity and helping others to grow that passion in their own lives. So I’m not sure that if I could choose any job in the world, that I would choose any job other than the one I have now.

This Weeks Question: So I ask you againIf you could do any Job In The World, What Would It Be?

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