Frosty glasses

Frosty glasses

Summer is here with a vengeance.  It was 45 C  here last week in the shade on my veranda and today’s looking like heading for the high thirties and maybe 40’s again.

Maybe I should take up water colours and paint in the shower LOL.  The question is – how does one continue to creatively produce in the face of uncooperative weather – lacking  air conditioning and other modern conveniences?  This is definitely a creative challenge for the best of us.

Well here are  some ideas

  • Head to the nearest shopping centre, and have an iced coffee while sitting in an air conditioned cafe and writing my next blog post.
  • Set up a fan next to my easel and throw on a wet shirt – you’d be surprised how cool this actually keeps you until the shirt dries out.
  • Head for the beach with sketching gear, beach tent, cossies (swimmers, togs or what ever you call them), and a thermos of iced tea. If you’re into figure work – the beach is an ideal place to find people who actually sit still, often for extended periods of time.  A perfect time to brush up on your life drawing and cool off  in the ocean in between.

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