What Is The key to a Great Studio Practice?

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In the Studio – At Art classes Central Coast

Studio Practice – Is there really a key to having a great studio practice? And if so, what would the number one thing be to facilitate that? Well above all else….

  • It is showing up
  • But wait – is showing up enough – well on its own – no of course not.
  • Once you have placed yourself, body and soul inside the studio you must work

All of this might seem incredibly obvious, and yet spending time working at the easel regularly is so important.  Forming a habit of time spent on a weekly basis, means that you  create a discipline for working, initially, which later becomes a habit.

What other things are key to having a great studio practice.

  • I would say that number two on the list would have to be organization

For example, what happens if you don’t clean your brushes and palette at the end of a days work.  It is such a drag to arrive in the studio next time and have to set about doing those tasks, instead of getting stuck into painting when you are feeling fresh and motivated. I always feel inspired when I see my partly finished work there ready to go and my pristine palette ready and waiting. Other aspects of your studio which can be organized is the general space, de clutter it. Creativity requires space physically and mentally. When either of these spaces are cluttered with unnecessary stuff, it is always harder to get that creative flow going.

That’s all very well, you might be thinking, I know how to declutter my space, but how on earth do I declutter my head?  This is where morning pages comes in. For a more in-depth look at morning pages see last weeks post, if you haven’t read it already.


This Weeks Question: What is your priority for your studio practice?

Look For Next Week’s Post: Studio update. What’s rolling off the easel now?