Mixing Colours YELLOWS

What you need to know about yellow before you start mixing colours

Mixing Yellows

Mixing colours Yellows

Cadmium Yellow (Hidden Orange)
This Orange biased Yellow is opaque and contains a large amount of
Orange. When you compare it to a Green biased Yellow you can definitely see the Orange
colour within it. Even though Cadmium Yellow is also from the cadmium heavy
metal family, it’s toxicity is so low as to hardly register and it too is considered quite
safe whilst bound into a paint medium.
Lemon Yellow (Hidden Green)
This Green biased Yellow is very transparent and contains a large amount of Green.
When you compare it to the Orange biased Yellow you can see the way it leans towards

This weeks Question: Can you look at your paint charts and identify which bias each of your yellows has – does it have a green or orange biased?

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