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''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Black Kale

How Do You Name A Painting?

This is a great dilemma for many artists. How to pack meaning into a couple of words, a meaning that will travel with that painting for the rest of its life. I have just completed the painting above and, yes, I’m looking for a title.  I’ve decided to see what others think.  So I thought it might be fun to have a – ‘Name The Painting’ contest, and the lucky winner will receive a print of the painting.

Black Kale

So if you would like to enter – DM me on FB https://www.facebook.com/kadirajennings/ or Instagram kadira_jennings  with your entry and I will be in touch if you are the lucky winner.



The Salvatore Mundi is a name relatively unknown until a few weeks ago.  Now it has hit the world headlines. Why? 

Leonardo da Vinci – a name that is known by millions of people from around the world,  he is the painter of The Salvatore Mundi.

Leonardo da Vinci was part of the Italian Renaissance, but he wasn’t just an artist. In fact, he only painted about 30 works that we know of, during his lifetime.  He was also a scientist, mathematician, and inventor. He is credited with the inventions of tanks, helicopters and parachutes as well as many scientific discoveries. 



What would it be like to own a Leonardo Da Vinci – I wonder. You may have recently heard that there was an opportunity for one lucky, very wealthy person to do just that.
The work – Salvator Mundi sold for AU$592,000,000. Is any work of art worth that much – I wonder? What do you think?

There has been a lot of controversy about this work since it came to light again in 2005. It was owned by King Charles I of England in the mid-1600s and auctioned by the son of the Duke of Buckingham in 1763. It then disappeared until 1900, when it resurfaced and was acquired by a British collector and was thought at that time, to be done by one of Leonardo’s apprentices.
The painting was sold again in 1958,  for $60 at an auction in London.  At that time it was not recognized as a da Vinci work. It came to light again briefly in 2005, badly damaged and partly painted-over, by various art dealers. 

In 2011, it was again rediscovered and authenticated as one of da Vinci’s works.


The Salvatore Mundi - Leonardo da Vinci,kadira jennings

The Salvatore Mundi – Leonardo da Vinci

The main thing that the experts are hotly debating over, in relation to the Salvatore Mundi’s authenticity, is the glass orb.  Walter Isaacson writes in his biography of the artist, “It’s especially puzzling because da Vinci was famously fastidious about the reflection and refraction of light in his work. At the time he made “Salvator Mundi,” he was “deep into his optics studies” and filled his notebooks with diagrams of light bouncing at different angles.”

Isaacson writes, “Solid glass or crystal, whether shaped like an orb or a lens, produces magnified, inverted, and reversed images, instead, Leonardo painted the orb as if it were a hollow glass bubble that does not refract or distort the light passing through it.”

Isaacson himself believes it was an intentional decision to paint it that way and does not believe the Salvatore Mundi is a fake.

While the painting was widely confirmed as a da Vinci in 2011, some scholars have suggested that “Salvator Mundi” was a product of da Vinci’s workshop, or was made by another follower without the master’s talent.

The debate is still raging as to its authenticity. If you want to find out more about Leonardo, there is a newly released book about him if you are interested. See below for a link to the book. There is also a movie coming soon with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Leonardo da Vinci.



Student Exhibition A Great Success


Outside The Studio


The Student Exhibition – So here we are, the scene is set, and Gilta is putting the finishing touches on the wine and bikkies table. As you can see from the photo it was a beautiful day.

Many thanks to all the helpers on the opening day, which allowed the event run smoothly.

Studio 1 Paintings,Student_exhibition,spring_fever,welcome

Studio 1 Paintings

It was amazing to see all the works hanging on the wall from all the different classes. The students got a real buzz seeing their work up, there as well as having a chance to meet students from other classes.


Studio 1 Paintings,Student_exhibition,spring_fever,welcome

More Paintings in Studio 1


There was such a variety of work ranging from, abstract to quite detailed realism, impressionistic works and of course drawings and watercolours.


studio one - The Green Corner,Student_exhibition,spring_fever,

Studio one – The Green Corner


As you can imagine it took quite a while to curate and hang this exhibition. I’d like to say thank you to the bumping in crew, Gilta, Rick, Yuley and John, and a special thanks to John, my partner, who put up all the railing in the studio. great job people!


Student_exhibition,spring_fever,The Bumping In Crew

The Bumping In Crew


Also thanks to those who helped bump out on Sunday – which took way less time than the bumping in. I’m not sure how many of you there were as it was quite chaotic at the time, however, just know that if you helped, I’m very grateful. 

Student_exhibition,spring_fever,Wine and Nibblies

Wine and Nibblies

And look at the lovely spread – more thank yous to everyone who brought something along! – It was quite a feast.


Student_exhibition,spring_fever,My Awesomeness Moment

My Awesomeness Moment


And of course, here is me being awesomely overwhelmed, when Gilta presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bag of goodies, from the students.  Thank you so much Gilta for that wonderful surprise. And thanks to Stephanie for being the photographer of the day …………

Last but not least, we were very excited to sell four of the student’s works. That was a real buzz for them, especially as they were bought by strangers.  Congratulations to everyone who took a big step forward and allowed me to hang their work, and a really big congratulations to those of you who sold work. 

There will be more photos in the next issue of The Art Life.  If you don’t already receive the bi-monthly magazine, here is a link to take a look at this months issue. The ArtLife

DL Invite print

Student Exhibition Opens Tomorrow Come On In To The Opening at 2.3o pm


There is much excitement floating around the studio this week as we prepare for the student exhibition.  This is the first time many of them have had their works hung and that can be a bit of a scary experience.  The thing about being an artist is that you want people to see and acknowledge your work, however, at the same time you don’t want to put yourself out there.  Creating art is a very personal journey and every painting we do we share a little more of who we are and what is meaningful to us. Here are a few snippets from the week’s journey to get the studio prepared.  I want to give a big shout out to my partner John who is the ever patient, executor of my many small jobs that needed to be finished off.

Student Exhibition,Chai is on window cleaning duties, sparkling up the door

Chay is on window cleaning duties, sparkling up the door. Thanks, Chay!


student exhibition,fiddly bits,picture hanging system

John Is doing fiddly bits with the tracking for the paintings. Thanks, John!

This wonderful guy went to Bunnings and bought some really cheap aluminium channelling stuff, and then made up some little bits to slot inside it, and then put it up in the studio for me, and hey presto, great studio tracking at a fraction of the cost you pay for the ready-made stuff. So if you’re ever wanting to put tracking in your studio this is a really inexpensive way to do it!

student exhibition,kadirajennings,art_classes_central_coast

Ironing The bookcase coverings


Do you ever have things that you hang on to for what seems like forever? You know, you can’t just bring yourself to throw them away or get rid of them. Well, I finally found a use for some pieces of fabric I have been holding onto for over 10 years now. I needed something to cover up the bookcases in the studio, so I could hang some extra paintings for the student exhibition. So I thought I’d dig into an old chest I have before I went out and bought something from Spotlight. And, lo and behold, I found this piece of printed silk Velvet that I made years ago, plus some unprinted velvet and an old satin sheet. Perfect!

Sculpture By The Sea

Sculpture_by_the_sea,Are We There Yet,Jane Gillings

Are We There Yet? Jane Gillings



Us – Going Home


Sculpture by the Sea – my trip to view the Sculptures at Bondi began last Friday evening. We went to see Cirque du Soleil in Sydney. Now that is one amazing show – Toruk! We stayed in Sydney overnight and went out to Bondi for breakfast the next morning. After breakfast, we wandered down to the end of Bondi Beach and began to walk around the cliffs to Tamarama. There were some really amazing sculptures. If you can possibly get there it’s well worth it. It’s on till the 5th Nov, so you still have time to see it if you hurry.

I would like to share some of the highlights with you now….

Sculpture by the sea,Under One Sky - Stephen Marr

Under One Sky – Stephen Marr


Sculpture_by_the_sea,High Tide -Tsukasa Nakahara

High Tide -Tsukasa Nakahara


Sculpture by the sea,Phantom Vessel - Virginia King

Phantom Vessel – Virginia King


sculpture by the seaLeaden Hearts - Denise Pepper

Leaden Hearts – Denise Pepper – This was one of my favourites!


sculpture by the sea,Tenants - Barbara Licha

Tenants – Barbara Licha

Taking Imagination Seriously

Taking Imagination Seriously is a topic, brought to life in a very real way in this weeks post. Today I want to share with you a wonderful video by Janet Echelman, who creates incredible sculptures, massive in scale, and her story of how she came to this art form.

There’s a wonderful story which arose from an incident that could have been a catastrophe for her and yet she turned into it something ultimately amazing. Watch the video to see how this unfolded for her.


It was only through the use of the imagination that she managed to turn a problematic event into a whole new direction for her art. As she says in the video, what enabled this to happen was her being able to see something that she had seen many times before, from a completely new perspective. Being able to look at fishing nets in a whole new way she began an exploration into what I would essentially call, wind sculptures.

One of the things she shared on the video that I found amazing to visualize, was that image of a whole building full of office people coming out of their workspace and lying on the ground in their suits underneath this massive sculpture to experience something so far outside their normal daily lives. What a wonderful thing to be able to have such a massive impact on others with your vision and creative structures.


Here are some more images of her work..

Taking Imagination Seriously,Dreamcatcher,ITA_Echelman_PhotoPaolaRe_5

These two images are different views of the same work titled – Dreamcatcher.

Taking Imagination Seriously,,Dream_catcher,ITA_Echelman_PhotoIlariaProvenzi_DSC_0083


Taking Imagination Seriously,van_echelman_photoemapeter_j3a4160-panorama

And at night it looks like this….

Taking Imagination Seriously,van_echelman_photoemapeter_j3a6797


I think one would have to say that Janet is certainly one who is taking imagination seriously, to a whole new level in fact. I’m staggered by the scale of these monumental works and their ephemeral beauty.


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