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It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Happy Christmas,Merry Christmas,Xmas


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What’s next? Now all the Excitement’s Over….

What's next,christmas tree

 Well that’s a very good question.  What is next? About now most people are running around madly trying to get Christmas shopping done, and wondering how they are going to fit in all the work functions, relations visiting, Christmas cooking and mow the lawns.  On top of all that, if you run a business, there is all the business stuff to do before Christmas and then thinking about next year, which is nearly  upon us.

I belong to a master mind group of artists and we have decided to get together between Christmas and New Year and do some vision boards together so we can really get a handle on what’s next for the coming year.  This is not a new idea, but is something that can help focus you  on what you really want, throughout your day.

Is there a secret to creating a vision board that works? In a word YES: Your vision board needs to focus on how you want to feel.  It ought not to focus on just the stuff you want like new cars and houses etc. it’s great to include the material stuff, however where many people go wrong is that those are the things they focus on, the actual things themselves.The most important  thing about manifesting is often not taught to people.  And to repeat it again…. It is all about how you feel. 

Part of that is connected to how in alignment you are with the thing you are wanting.  For example, lets say, that I’m wanting to go on a trip to France.  However, I might be scared of flying or get very nervous about being in a place where I don’t speak the language.  I might have ten different fears around travelling.  Now I can have that picture of France on my vision board, and the plane to get there and the place I’m wanting to stay, however it won’t manifest because my fear will be constantly pushing it away. You would need to focus very strongly on the wonderful feeling you would have standing gazing at the Eiffel Tower – or what ever floats your boat.

Eiffel tower photo

If you want to read a bit more about vision boards check out this article in The Huffington Post

Pix Credits : Eiffel Tower: Pexels

                       Christmas tree : Geralt

The Opening,exhibition opening,kadira_jennings,ruby+samaadahi+gallery

The Opening


A Fantastic Exhibition Opening

Well the day finally arrived! So much work, and then the party! No wonder we artists need a party to celebrate the hanging of an exhibition. After weeks of isolation as we diligently paint away and push nosy people out the studio door – especially spouses and children. I call them the Time Vampires. Its amazing how many people want to come and chat while you’re trying to paint. If you’re feeling nice you might mumble a reply, grunt or nod your head at the appropriate places. However if the painting is misbehaving, you will probably yell at them to get-out and give you some space, and they will slink off with hurt feelings. Sigh!

exhibition opening,kadira_jennings,ruby_samadahi_gallery

The Gallery

The show was opened by celebrated Newcastle Artist, John Morris who has many gongs to his name, including winner of the Gosford, Norville and Maitland Art Prizes.  He has also been a selected finalist in many other competitions. John spoke about … The processes and development of an artists vision.  He stated that the artist always puts a part of themselves out there on show  and that there is no way they can avoid doing so. Before he spoke, I introduced refugee worker Pari, to speak a little on the refugee situation here on the Central Coast and the work they do.

There was a great turn out. – Thank you all for coming and making it a great success. 

A special thanks go to Ava and Prue  who both bought art works…. and several people purchased prints and cards of the works.

I am thrilled with the way the exhibition looks.  The interesting thing is that once all the works are in place the exhibition seems to take on an energy of its own. It is not just a collection of single works, the theme pulls them together and a bit like a symphony orchestra it creates something greater than itself.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me make this event possible, Simone Dennis – the gallery owner, John Morris, Pari  and Chay my daughter for her help with doing all the fiddly things like putting strings on the backs of paintings and painting around the sides of all the works, Esther, Hannah and Prue for taking photos, my partner John for helping with transport and putting the triptych together and everyone who turned up to support me.  I really appreciate each and everyone of you – Thank you.

Success! The Exhibition is Up and Looks Fantastic

Exhibition fever! Wow what a week – which of course is why my post is running late. So here is a peek behind the scenes in pictures of whats been happening this week….


Exhibition,Packing the Paintings For Delivery,kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Packing the Paintings for Delivery


That’s the first step – then of course packing them into the car.  We had to take both John’s and my car as I’ve only got a fairly small Hyundai Accent.  Mind you though I’m quite amazed at what I can actually fit in the back of that car when the seat is down!

Once we arrived at the gallery there was the  taking down of the previous show as a first item to do.


exhibition,Simone takes down the previous show,kadira_jennings,refugees,

Simone takes down the previous show – an exhibition of her beautiful photographs


The next step was to place the paintings all around the walls, in some sort of vague order of where they might go. This then required much walking around and around the room, swapping paintings to get them to all talk nicely to each other.  It’s very important that they all feel good together and look like a cohesive unit.

Exhibition,Early placement of The paintings,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Early placement of the paintings


The next task was tricky and time-consuming. It involved blue tack, and a tape measure. Each work had to be measured to find the middle and the and then the desired eye level height on the wall also had to be measured . You can see my little bits of blue tack here waiting to be evened up.


Exhibition,Getting the height just right,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Getting the height just right


Exhibition,Simone up the ladderKadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Simone up the ladder doing a balancing act to move the hanging wires.


It was really tricky getting this baby up onto the wall.  Defnitely not a one woman job!


Exhibition,It all comes together,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

It all comes together


Bit of a cheesy grin – Sorry – Simone took forever to press the shutter ! You Know how it is!!


Exhibition,The wall of Prints,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

The wall of Prints


And when is the opening – Just to remind you in case you missed the details before ….

WHEN: Exhibition runs from 1-31 December 2016

THE OFFICIAL OPENING: 11th December 2pm – Being opened by noted Newcastle Artist John Morris, winner of the Gosford Art Prize and many other awards 

THE VENUE: Ruby Samadhi Gallery, 6,11-13 Cochrone Street, Kincumber, NSW

Kincumber, Central Coast NSW


RSVP: Kadira 04144 38121 if you would like to attend the opening.

I look forward to seeing you there.

This Weeks Question: Are you coming to the opening?

Look For Next Week’s Post: Update on the opening

A Flurry Of Last Minute Things To Do

things to do,exhibition,kadira_jennings

So many things to do this week as the day to hang the exhibition approaches.

Now let me see…. hmmm…. Let’s make a list of all the things I have to do for a solo exhibition….. this is the comprehensive list – unlike last weeks post, which didn’t list everything!

  • Find a gallery to show your work!
  • Finish all the paintings
  • Finish shrink wrapping the last print that got left out – somehow
  • Get Prints, cards and flyers printed
  • Get mats for the prints and then mat them
  • Shrink wrap all the prints
  • Make a poster
  • Figure out pricing for cards
  • Make and print authenticity certificates for all the works
  • Do a press release
  • Contact Imag – get in Nov-Dec issue
  • Get holders for the prints and cards
  • Get a guest book for comments
  • Get John to put brackets on back of triptych for me so it stays together
  • Deliver flyers and posters
  • Type up the Card and print price list
  • Send out all the invites
  • Ring some people to invite them
  • Social media posts…. FB, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Finish adding show to media outlets ie tourism NSW
  • Finish the last two painting artist statements for the wall ( not done)
  • Contact Meredith Gilmore at Coast Art radio
  • Create email campaign reminding people of the exhibition opening
  • Put cords and brown tape on the back of each painting
  • Paint around the edges of each work
  • Pack all the works for transporting
  • Organize someone to open the exhibition
  • Organize someone to take photos at the opening (not done)
  • Get drinks etc for the opening

As you can see there are many things that go into organizing a solo exhibition. – If you are a beginning artist – this list might help you with some of the things you may have forgotten to do.  I must say however that they aren’t in chronological order. Also not all of them will apply to everyone, like putting brackets on the backs of the triptych. 

And as a reminder, here are all the exhibition details again.

things to do,New Horizons,kadira jennings

Start:Thu 01 Dec 2016

End:Sat 31 Dec 2016


These works examine the Challenges, and Hopes of refugees and displaced persons. 10% of sales will be donated to the Northern Settlement Services (NSS) charity for helping refugees on the Central Coast. The opening ceremony will be presented by celebrated Newcastle artist John Morris and a spokesperson from NSS will be sharing some insights into her work with refugees.


THE OFFICIAL OPENING: 11th December 2pm – please RSVP to Kadira if you would like to attend the opening.


Ruby Samadhi Gallery

6,11-13 Cochrone Street


Central Coast NSW


Kadira on – 04144 38121

This Weeks Question: Can you think of anything else that ought to be on this list?

Look For Next Week’s PostDetails from hanging the exhibition

Ramping Up To The Solo Exhibition – Just Three Weeks To Go! 

Solo Exhibition – The path to a solo exhibition, is not a walk in the park so to speak. Having a solo exhibition requires a lot of forethought, planning and execution.  

Once I have decided what the theme of the exhibition will be, there are many months of working on the paintings themselves. During this time there are postings to social media of my progress, which includes photos and videos to be done.

Now however I’m into that pre-exhibition phase, where I put the paintbrush down and pick up the mouse and keyboard and begin all the tasks like:

solo exhibition,postcards,business cards,

Post cards etc.


  • Designing and ordering flyers, business cards, greeting cards, post cards and posters
  • Handing out the flyers and sticking up the posters in various shops and places.
  • Advertising in places like Imag
  • Doing all the finishing details for the paintings, which include
    • Painting the sides
    • Putting stringers on the back
    • Photographing them for a good quality high res photo
    • Adding them to your painting archives
    • Adding them to your website/s
    • Creating, printing and laminating blurbs to go with my works – telling a bit of the story around each work
Laminating blurbs,getting help,

Chay helps me laminate the blurbs


  • Organising my social media campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Finalising details with the gallery, signing documents and organising the Opening celebration
  • Ordering quality prints from the printer
  • Matting and shrink wrapping the prints when they come back.
Shrink Wrapping,solo exhibition,

Shrink Wrapping The Prints

Finally there are invites to send and assisting with hanging the show.

And of course the Grand Opening – the culmination of all that hard work!


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