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Hi I'm Kadira Jennings, welcome to Unfolding Creativity, a portal to Abundance Through Creativity.

I am a creative artist celebrating and encouraging the creative in all of us.

My blog is a discussion, and creativity resource. Please take your time, look around and join the conversation if you would like to.
It is my passionate belief that we all have deep within us a creative genius just waiting for half a chance to get out no matter what field we work or play in.

''There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it.''
Martha Graham

Education is an area which still doesn’t acknowledge that creativity is an  important life skill.  Not only that, it is arguably one of the most important skills we can develop in the 21st century.

It was refreshing to read this article on the Presentation Zen blog in which Sir Ken Robinson speaks about this very thing. What is interesting is  his thoughts about how our schools until now,  have trained us to meet the needs of industrialization. This is a sentiment echoed in Seth Godin’s new book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? which is well worth a read.  I’m only half way through it at the moment and will talk more about that in another post.

I would estimate that maybe 90% of the worlds population not only are unaware of their own untapped creative potential, but that many of them also actively deny they have any.

Why is that do you think?

For many many years creative people have been regarded with a range of judgments such as; odd, wacky, not got their feet on the ground, far out hippies, eccentric, not to be trusted, non conformist types that just don’t even try to fit in.

It is amazing when you think about it because while they rail at creatives in one breath , in the next they are admiring the Sistine chapel or Gaudi’s wonderfully eccentric buildings.

Gaudi Building - Barcelona

Gaudi Building - Barcelona

I suspect that the driving thing behind most people’s denial of their own creativity is a deep fear of things like – being different, standing out from the crowd, or being remarkable.  Even more terrifying,  might be uncovering something within themselves which would call to them, thus upsetting the status quo of their carefully orchestrated, safe lives…..

Well we are out the starting gate and off to a running start – I can’t quite believe I find myself here – but it is all flowing nicely so I’m on for the ride.

To find out more about the competition please check it out HERE. I’m really passionate about this project as I see it as an opportunity to combine two of my greatest loves, being creative and helping others to find their creativity, and personal development.  OK so that’s three!

So as a favor I am going to ask you to go to Illuminating The Creative Way and check it out .  The first part of the competition requires us to get as many people as possible to vote for us.  If you feel like i,t  leave a comment here on the blog to let me know what you think Id really appreciate your feed back …..


“Every good thought you think is contributing its share to the ultimate result of your life” Grenville Keiser.

What a great quote!

I came across a wonderful  site the other day Behance which goes a long way towards solving the dilemmas faced by creatives in business in particular. This site is organized into helpful modules that assist the organizing of the creative process which, by its very nature is often disorganized and chaotic.dreamstimefree_8571973

I was impressed that Behance Founder and CEO,  Scott Belsky had the insight to set up a business like this and that there is now enough demand out there for it to be successful for them.  This is an indication that business is finally beginning to take notice and realize that creativity isn’t just something for the ‘out there’ artists.  Rather it is a powerful tool for business survival in the 21st Century.

As a creativity coach, I often find that one of the most difficult areas for creatives is to move from that ‘leading edge’ creative headspace to concrete manifestation of their wonderful ideas. The Behance Company is catering to the different working modalities that we as creatives have.  They have online organizational tools and also a great range of paper products with things like a dot grid journal and paint to make any surface into a white board area.

Photo Credit – Deamstime.com/Geraktv

Nexus Point

Nexus Point

WOW !  My life has completely turned around in the last week.  Sometimes we reach a nexus point in our lives where we are given an opportunity to step onto a new path or pick up one we might have dropped before.

The question is – what will we do?

We can usually recognize these points because they are often accompanied by big changes in our lives.  I had one of these last week.

You know what fascinates me about life is how so often, and maybe always, the very thing in life that we are drawn to do is the thing where our creative gifts are to be found and it is also  the very thing where some of our greatest challenges lie. This of course offers us the greatest opportunity for growth.

I feel as if my life has turned full circle  this week and I find myself back on the path I am really meant to be on but have been resisting for many years. But that is another discussion.  Lets just say that creative blocks and I have been very intimately connected. I was stuck in a creative desert for many years  – a journey all about the denial of my own creative gifts.  Does that sound familiar to any one out there?

Anyway – this week I have let go of an illusory safety net I’ve been clinging to quite tightly for the last two years and taken a huge step into the rapids of life’s  uncertainty.  I think I probably stepped in right over my head and came up sputtering!  This step has me now firmly  embracing my own creativity and taking on something big which I will share with you in a moment.  But this brings me back to the nexus point  and the other thing about these moments, which is that they often contain an opportunity.  We are seldom ready for this opportunity and it is something that is often exhilarating, scary or even downright terrifying, all at the same time.

So what should drift into my inbox this week but an invitation to join a competition to find the ‘Next Top Spiritual Author’. My first reaction to that of course was NO WAY!! However I must say that I actually toyed with the idea of writing a book last year but certainly not as a spiritual author.  However as I began to think about it – for some reason the thought kept popping into my head,  I saw a connection between, creativity and spiritual growth or self development.   I believe that creativity involves the expression of the essence of who we are.  Through creativity we get to connect to our unique creative genius and offer something  very special to the world.  So often when I’m teaching art I see people struggling with far more than the picture they are trying to paint, they come up against all kinds of other things as well but that’s also a discussion for another day.

So what I am now seeing is an opportunity to combine my two greatest passions, creativity and spiritual growth or self development – WOW! DOUBLE WOW!!

So look out – Here Comes The Next Top Spiritual Author !!

I decided it was time to stock up on some more Creative Inspiration this week and went for an Artist Date.  I came across this idea of an Artist Date in one of Julia Cameron’s books called ‘The Artists Way’.  This book is a fantastic resource for creative people and her idea of Artists Dates is something I wholly embrace and highly recommend.  I will talk about the concept more in another post but if you want to know more – go here now.

I choose to do this on a monthly basis  – spending a whole day and often travelling to Sydney.  I find a lot more inspiration in the City, there are  so many different things to go and explore.  Rather than spending a couple of  hours a week where I live, I find this works better for me.  That’s not to say of course that I won’t sometimes pop into a local gallery or something that catches my interest.

I live an hour and a half  on the train,

In Passing

In Passing

from Sydney – a really pretty train ride actually. For part of the trip the train wends its way beside and over  inland waterways,and  through tunnels and bushland.

Wynyard sign

Wynyard sign

Last week I went to the Powerhouse Museum – a fascinating place full of great foto opportunities.  I gathered lots of rich detail for photoshop texture brushes and

painting and digital reference material.

Floor of Steam Engine

Floor of Steam Engine

Well worth the visit if you live close enough to go.

I recently touched on the idea of an Inner Critic.  This nasty little alter ego that we all have drives some of us mercilessly.  Not only does it judge us by our own harsh  standards but also by the judgements we think everyone else is going to be heaping on us as well.

Grace walking

Unless of course we are children and invincible!

It matters not whether you are an artist, a plumber , a lawyer,  a bee keeper, or even out of work. It is there – hovering over your shoulder ready to stick in it’s 2 cents worth if you give it half a chance.  So what to do?

Here are some ideas on how to control this pesky fellow…..

  • Firstly acknowledge that he/she exists as an entity separate from you
  • To help with this – draw, paint,  sculpt, what he/she looks like – does he/she have a name?
  • Secondly you need to determine that you are actually in control – that YOU get to say whether or not you choose to allow him/her to have any say at all.
  • Thirdly you might ask – but how can I stop him/her – he/she just turns up in my head and lets fly.  Heres a couple of tricks –

a. Imagine you have a big dial you can turn up or down that controls the volume of  your critic speaking to you.  Then turn down the volume to zero and refuse to listen.

b. Imagine yourself tying a gag on him/her.

c. Imagine a rubbish bin – you could paint it all different colors if you like – and when Mr or Mrs  Critic pops up – well just put it in the bin and put the lid on very firmly and walk away. You could even erect a sound barrier around the bin if you felt like it.

Inner Critic

Inner Critic

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