Painting Energy

Painting energy is something I am coming to recognise as being a thing that I constantly try to do.  Whether its the slow moving ponderous energy of the earth in a cave wall or the flowing energy of dance.

So what I attempted to do in my next two works was to then transition from the cave energy into the dance. As a kid I loved to dance, and I have never really explored this in paint, so I decided now was as good a time as any to begin.

I looked for an image of a dancer that echoed the form of a cave and the energy of the dance at the same time.  Here is the first of these attempts at painting the energy – of the dance. ‘Dancer I’

Painting Energy - Dancer I

Dancer 1 26×18

Not entirely successful perhaps but a beginning.  I like the energy of the background and the right hand half of the dancer, however I feel the rest doesn’t really work.  I realised I had made the dancer too small, so resolved to correct this in the next painting.

Enter ‘Dancer II’

Painting Energy - Dancer II

Painting Energy – Dancer II

I was very happy with this work. Yeah!! it all came together, the fabric of the tutu and painting the energy of the exhaustion of the dancer. She has given her everything  to her art as we see it going into the light. And yet she is suspended in another realm still.


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