Painting New Zealand – The South Island

Painting New Zealand is something I always come back to, even though it’s been many years since I have lived there.  The next two works are both paintings of the same subject, hills in the South Island of New Zealand. Again it was the light that drew me to paint this subject, and the mist rising in the valley. I reached a point in the first one, the stage you see below in fact, and decided I didn’t want to wreck it. So I left it there, and began another.  I still wanted to push it further and see what would become of the mist.

Painting New Zealand landscapes The Elements 30"x22"

The Elements 30″x22″


The second work I changed a bit, altering the shape of the road and this time including the mist rolling down off the hills. I also darkened up the foreground values, which has made the work more dramatic. I liked the way the mist seems to be striding across the hills.
Its almost as if the elementals of the air came to play in my painting! Not to mention the dragon swooping in low!

Painting New Zealand - The Elementals

The Elementals 30″x22″


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