Ramping Up To The Solo Exhibition – Just Three Weeks To Go! 

Solo Exhibition – The path to a solo exhibition, is not a walk in the park so to speak. Having a solo exhibition requires a lot of forethought, planning and execution.  

Once I have decided what the theme of the exhibition will be, there are many months of working on the paintings themselves. During this time there are postings to social media of my progress, which includes photos and videos to be done.

Now however I’m into that pre-exhibition phase, where I put the paintbrush down and pick up the mouse and keyboard and begin all the tasks like:

solo exhibition,postcards,business cards,

Post cards etc.


  • Designing and ordering flyers, business cards, greeting cards, post cards and posters
  • Handing out the flyers and sticking up the posters in various shops and places.
  • Advertising in places like Imag
  • Doing all the finishing details for the paintings, which include
    • Painting the sides
    • Putting stringers on the back
    • Photographing them for a good quality high res photo
    • Adding them to your painting archives
    • Adding them to your website/s
    • Creating, printing and laminating blurbs to go with my works – telling a bit of the story around each work
Laminating blurbs,getting help,

Chay helps me laminate the blurbs


  • Organising my social media campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Finalising details with the gallery, signing documents and organising the Opening celebration
  • Ordering quality prints from the printer
  • Matting and shrink wrapping the prints when they come back.
Shrink Wrapping,solo exhibition,

Shrink Wrapping The Prints

Finally there are invites to send and assisting with hanging the show.

And of course the Grand Opening – the culmination of all that hard work!