The Salon des Refuses


The Sydney Observatory – near the HS Irving Gallery


If you sometimes go to the Archibald and end up shaking your head and wondering if there weren’t perhaps some other, better entries that could have been hung, then take time to go and visit the salon de refuses at the S.H. Ervin Gallery in Sydney. In my experience, it’s always well worth the visit. To encourage you to go this year, I would like to share some of the paintings that are on offer. The exhibition is on until the 15th of October so there is still plenty of time to see it.


The first one below is by GUY MAESTRI a self-portrait as a still life, oil on linen 61cm x 51cm.  I really liked the sculptural quality of the work, the broad brush strokes and the concept of painting a bust.

salon des refuses,Guy Maestri,salon_des_refuses


Next up is a painting of Colin Friels, by the artist Christopher McVinish. There is a great rendering of this shirt as you can see in the detail.


salon des refuses,Colin Friels by Christopher McVinish


Shirt Detail

salon des refuses,Colin_Friels_detail


One of the most interesting portraits was done using a very unusual technique utilizing stencils, as seen in the detail below. This work is a self-portrait by Sally Robinson. 


salon des refuses,Sally Robinson - self portrait


And here is the complete portrait…..


salon des refuses,Sally Robinson - self portrait

And of course, there were many others works that were just as interesting as these ones.