Sculpture By The Sea

Sculpture_by_the_sea,Are We There Yet,Jane Gillings

Are We There Yet? Jane Gillings



Us – Going Home


Sculpture by the Sea – my trip to view the Sculptures at Bondi began last Friday evening. We went to see Cirque du Soleil in Sydney. Now that is one amazing show – Toruk! We stayed in Sydney overnight and went out to Bondi for breakfast the next morning. After breakfast, we wandered down to the end of Bondi Beach and began to walk around the cliffs to Tamarama. There were some really amazing sculptures. If you can possibly get there it’s well worth it. It’s on till the 5th Nov, so you still have time to see it if you hurry.

I would like to share some of the highlights with you now….

Sculpture by the sea,Under One Sky - Stephen Marr

Under One Sky – Stephen Marr


Sculpture_by_the_sea,High Tide -Tsukasa Nakahara

High Tide -Tsukasa Nakahara


Sculpture by the sea,Phantom Vessel - Virginia King

Phantom Vessel – Virginia King


sculpture by the seaLeaden Hearts - Denise Pepper

Leaden Hearts – Denise Pepper – This was one of my favourites!


sculpture by the sea,Tenants - Barbara Licha

Tenants – Barbara Licha