Success! The Exhibition is Up and Looks Fantastic

Exhibition fever! Wow what a week – which of course is why my post is running late. So here is a peek behind the scenes in pictures of whats been happening this week….


Exhibition,Packing the Paintings For Delivery,kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Packing the Paintings for Delivery


That’s the first step – then of course packing them into the car.  We had to take both John’s and my car as I’ve only got a fairly small Hyundai Accent.  Mind you though I’m quite amazed at what I can actually fit in the back of that car when the seat is down!

Once we arrived at the gallery there was the  taking down of the previous show as a first item to do.


exhibition,Simone takes down the previous show,kadira_jennings,refugees,

Simone takes down the previous show – an exhibition of her beautiful photographs


The next step was to place the paintings all around the walls, in some sort of vague order of where they might go. This then required much walking around and around the room, swapping paintings to get them to all talk nicely to each other.  It’s very important that they all feel good together and look like a cohesive unit.

Exhibition,Early placement of The paintings,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Early placement of the paintings


The next task was tricky and time-consuming. It involved blue tack, and a tape measure. Each work had to be measured to find the middle and the and then the desired eye level height on the wall also had to be measured . You can see my little bits of blue tack here waiting to be evened up.


Exhibition,Getting the height just right,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Getting the height just right


Exhibition,Simone up the ladderKadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

Simone up the ladder doing a balancing act to move the hanging wires.


It was really tricky getting this baby up onto the wall.  Defnitely not a one woman job!


Exhibition,It all comes together,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

It all comes together


Bit of a cheesy grin – Sorry – Simone took forever to press the shutter ! You Know how it is!!


Exhibition,The wall of Prints,Kadira_Jennings.refugees,artist,

The wall of Prints


And when is the opening – Just to remind you in case you missed the details before ….

WHEN: Exhibition runs from 1-31 December 2016

THE OFFICIAL OPENING: 11th December 2pm – Being opened by noted Newcastle Artist John Morris, winner of the Gosford Art Prize and many other awards 

THE VENUE: Ruby Samadhi Gallery, 6,11-13 Cochrone Street, Kincumber, NSW

Kincumber, Central Coast NSW


RSVP: Kadira 04144 38121 if you would like to attend the opening.

I look forward to seeing you there.

This Weeks Question: Are you coming to the opening?

Look For Next Week’s Post: Update on the opening

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