The Sydney Contemporary

The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2017


The Sydney contemporary celebrated five days of curated exhibitions and ambitious programming which appealed to the serious collector, the art lover and those curious about contemporary art. The 2017 program presented a showcase of the very best visual art, current trends and emergent practices, as well as a cross-cultural dialogue. It was the premier event on the Sydney art calendar for 2017, with more than 90 galleries from Australia and overseas showcasing their art. There were hundreds of artists represented, cutting edge music, and live performance art.

People often find visiting galleries and art fairs intimidating as you often have to contend with the Art speak, the snobby curators and the feeling that one is inferior and floundering in a sea of confusion. The Sydney contemporary attempted to showcase the current art market, in a way that was approachable for all, whether you were a well-heeled collector, galleries looking for new artists, or just somebody who loves art and wanted to see what it’s all about. There was something for everyone in the program and an emphasis on learning and inclusion.

The image above Is a detail from a very large piece by New Zealand Evan Woodruffe, (which you can view below.)  You can see the complete painting below, which is massive. The work is Acrylic, fabric, gold leaf and paper on linen and measures 300 x 300cm, 9 paintings 100 x 100cm.The detail in this work is quite extraordinary.

the sydney contemporary,Evan Woodruffe

As you can imagine, there was a  huge variety of artworks in all different mediums. The photos included here are some of my favourites.

the sydney contemporary Art Fair 2017

 Unfortunately, I failed to take note of the artist of this work. The light in it is quite extraordinary I love the fine edge between real and surreal in this work.


Marie Le Lievre,Keeper (Sentimentals)

The work above is by Marie Le Lievre, Keeper (Sentimentals) 

It is oil on cardboard 64 x 64 cm