How To Get Your Art Biz On Track Now!

Get your art biz on track. Are you an artist or creative  entrepreneur? Are you struggling with the biz side of things and are quite frankly feeling like – ‘I’d RATHER be in the studio’. There is so much to do when you are an artpreneur. After all you are not just being an artist and creating wonderful creations, you are also a business person and if you’re anything like me there are times when you need help with that. Even the top people in their fields have mentors. So do you have one? Or perhaps a business coach?

Get Your Art Biz On Track,Crista Cloutier,working artist
Many artists feel quite overwhelmed when it comes to getting the art out the studio door, and I’ve been no exception to that one. I have done a few different online business courses for artists and today I’d like to share with you the one that I think is the top of the pick.
This course,The Working Artist, is run by Crista Cloutier. What is unique about her is that she has been on both sides of the art world. She began her career, working in a fine art print gallery in the United States. She ended up managing this gallery and later moved on to start her own gallery. She is also an artist herself and therefore has a unique perspective, being able to understand the art world from both points of view.

She says, “My gift lies in empowering artists like you to gain the clarity, direction, and focus to transform your art-making practice into an authentic and rewarding career. You can have sell-out shows, have work collected by museums, and draw a faithful collector base. This is an incredible time to be an artist! “

Get Your Art Biz On Track,Crista Cloutier,working artist

Crista Cloutier

I took her online course last year and found it to be the best I have ever done.  It wasn’t that I didn’t know much of the material she presented, rather I think a large contributing factor was the way it was delivered.  Her ‘Working Artist’ platform, is the best on-line platform I have ever worked with.  It allowed me to proceed at my own pace and yet also had a great accountability tool, which I am still using to keep track of where I’m at and what I still need to do. I also had the opportunity to have a personal coaching call with her, where we went over my art biz with a fine tooth comb.  This was invaluable! Crista delivers everything and much more than she promises. 

If you are interested, and want to get your art biz on track, join her mailing list to get an update on when her next course is scheduled for. She also has a great blog, called Jump, packed with information for working artists. I highly recommend this course.

This Weeks Question: Do you need to learn more about the business of being an artist?

Next Weeks Post: A new series of work coming up!


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What makes an artists lifestyle something to be envied?

artist's lifestyle


Well now that’s a great question isn’t it?

  • Is it being able to sleep in and get up whenever you feel like it?
  • Or having wild arty parties


artist's lifestyle,artists parties


  • Perhaps it is all that spare time we have
  • Or not having any boss
  • Is it that an artist’s lifestyle is envied because we seem to be so free or unafraid to be different?
  • Do you think artists are living their dream and that is unattainable for most people
  • Artists seem to live a life of freedom

The True Realities Of The Artist’s Lifestyle

Of course some of the above are true, however in reality they are possibilities rather than what happens on a daily basis.

  • We can sleep in, but like any other job, that doesn’t get the work done.
  • We do have a boss and that is ourselves, a much harder task master than you might ever imagine.  There is no one else to discipline us if we are late for work, or make us go out and approach the galleries, or simply show up on front of the easel.
  • The wild arty parties, well I can’t speak for all artists of course, however most of us seem to slow down some what after we get past about the mid twenties or certainly into the forties, once one has children and a mortgage. Yes artists do have those you know.
  • As to a life of freedom – if you only knew – we are harried by the creative muse, chronic self doubts about our talent or lack of it, caught in the cycle of creative exhilaration or totally blocked and a lack of financial freedom for many but the few very successful ones.   Most artists have their art biz  and other work which pays the bills.
  • There is always that tug of war going on about how authentic you are going to be to your creative vision when you get to the canvas, or are you going to paint for money because the two while not necessarily mutually exclusive, are often at loggerheads.
  • An artist is an entrepreneur – an artpreneur if you like. With that job description, goes all the risks and stresses that go with any cutting edge business. There is fierce competition and a limited number of commercial galleries willing to show one’s art.
  • One must look at different revenue streams and alternate places to show your work.
  • This is not for the faint hearted!


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