Who Is At The Cutting Edge of the Creative Arts Today?

creative arts,Cirque Du Soleil,Toruk
Creative arts are many and varied. However, I believe that one of the top contenders for being at the forefront of the creative arts today is the Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil has a new show coming to Sydney in late October, the 19th to the 29th. I have been to several of their Productions now and if you want to be truly delighted and amazed their shows are always at the leading edge of creativity. They use such a variety of creative skills in their Productions, and the artists and artisans behind the scenes seem to be capable of producing endlessly new visual Delights. The sheer scale of the creations is mind-blowing.

Cirque du Soleil is home to an amazing bunch of creative people. I have been to several of their productions now, and if you want to be truly delighted and amazed, their shows are at the leading edge of creative innovation today. They use such a broad range of creative skills in their productions, and the artists and artisans behind the scenes seem to be capable of producing endlessly new visual delights.
If you enjoyed the movie Avatar, you would be sure to enjoy their latest offering, Toruk The First Flight. As always their costuming and sets are stunning and the skill level of their performances breathtaking.

creative arts,Cirque Du Soleil,Toruk

Toruk is on in Sydney at Qudos Bank Arena from Oct 19-29, 2017. 

This performance has challenged the actors to create new ways of doing things to be able to portray the 20% lower gravity found on Pandora. The lower gravity directly affects the Na’vis’ movements, making climbing up trees easier. The team found that by using a system of pulleys and placing a mattress in an upright position, the artists could learn to move like the Na’vi.


And of course, you remember The Tree Of Souls. Well here is the Cirque’s version….


I am waiting with great anticipation to see this new offering from The Cirque. Don’t miss it!!

Artistic imagination

Artistic imagination is one of a creators most important assets. To continue the previous conversation on day dreaming, is daydreaming any more important to us as artists, or to creative people than to any one else?

Well actually it is. Why?

To create significant works of art we need to develop our artistic  imagination or the  ability to imaginate to a much higher level than that of other people. Fiction writers for example, create whole worlds in their imaginations, as do film makers. Think about the amount of visionary imagination it takes to create a movie like Avatar.

Artistic  Imagination

This movie for example, has so many levels to it…

  • It is visually stunning
  • The complexity of the imaginary world both on the practical and philosophical level
  • The high degree of digital technical effects and problems to be surmounted in achieving the desired film footage
  • The layered societal and moral values presented by the film
  • Not to mention the the visual beauty of this extraordinary movie

And one could go on and on. This required a highly developed artistic imagination and much day dreaming to bring it into the world.  It is highly unlikely that the attendant at the local gas station or the miner working in a coal mine, would ever be able to conceive of such a thing. As for bringing  it into being well that’s another thing entirely. But the artist, be it movie maker, musician or painter, who wants to create amazing things, needs to develop his or her artistic imagination and one of the ways to do this is through day dreaming.

If your interests lie in the creative arts, then you need to develop your imagination muscle.


This Weeks Question: How is the day dreaming going?

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Next Monday’s Post: A look at another of the artist’s qualities – this time it is about Choosing.


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