The Heroines Journey Continues.

So this Heroines journey  has literally taken her across the water – a big ditch that separates Australia from New Zealand. I am on a mythic heroines journey here, tracing the story of my re-emerging creative self which had it’s seeds sown back in May 2013…..

It all began here….

heroines journey cathedral cove

and what followed was a series of intuitive paintings – completed with my non dominant hand. Take a look at my earlier posts on this journey.

In this return journey a friend – budding film maker – Prue Kelsey and I, are exploring these beginnings and making a series of short videos tracing the ‘artists journey’ and development.  As these interviews are completed I will be putting them up on the website for you to see.

 Heroines Journey Cathedral Cove

The above image is one small painting from this series.

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Snippets from New Zealand

Creating Art

Creating Art is something creative people are driven to do. Well yes, I know that’s stating the obvious, however it is important and hence the emphasis.
Art touches our lives – all our lives, in some way every day. You know that’s a thought I’ve only just had! Have you ever thought about that? How many things have you looked at, used  or noticed today, that were involved in the creative process in some way?  Well If you can’t think of anything, look again – every single thing in this world, whether made by man or God, began as a creative thought in someone’s head. God is Creating Art on a grand scale, while we mostly offer up a pale imitation of that.  Well that’s to be expected don’t you think – we’re working with finite resources after all!

Creating Art -  cathedral cove photo

Creating art – the ultimate Creator at work!

Of course there is the age-old debate about what is art, real art, and so forth.  So much of what is ‘accepted’ in the ‘Art World’, the world of galleries and museums, is all about who you know and how much BS you can rave on about.

Creating art - the Pieta photo

The Pieta – a truly moving work of art. Standing in the presence of this sculpture, one experiences a profound connection to the piece – it is extraordinary.


Some art will demand an emotional response from us – depending on where our hearts are, at the time, this response may be joyful or painful – it is different for everyone. Truly great art will stand the test of time, however unfortunately, much of it never sees the light of day, or is hidden away in people’s private collections.

Consider how people line up around the block and camp out overnight to buy a new iPhone when it comes out.  What drives them to do this? We don’t quite see this level of passion when it comes to buying the art work of well-known living artists. However truly admired ones will have their shows sell out before the opening night even. I believe many of these buyers, although they may like the artist’s work a lot, really have just as much of an eye on the potential of the piece to gain in value.  It is an investment. An iPhone is a shiny plaything!

Although I said last week that I would be posting more about the dresses this week, I have decided to put that off till next week.  As I’ve changed somewhat, how I’m posting on the blog, I’ve decided to keep you updated with my work every second week and on the other week to post my usual content about Art Practice, Creativity and general things of interest to creative folk.

This week’s question: What creative works ignite your passion and inspire you to create art?

Look For Next Thursday’s Post: Works in progress. Where are the dresses going?

Posted by: Kadira Jennings



Photo by John Englart (Takver)

Photo by archer10 (Dennis) (3 DAYS TO GO)

If you missed my post last week, I am doing posts only on Thursdays for now.
However I will make a quick headliner here on Mondays each week so you know what to look forward to – this week it’s about making art.

This Thursday I begin a series of posts on artistic processes – The internal Journey of Making Art. Read Thursdays post for more……

I leave you with an image of a place which has provided much inspiration for me.

Making Art Cathedral Cove

A favourite place of mine – Cathedral Cove in NZ


Photo Credit: Kadira Jennings

Posted By: Kadira Jennings

Creating in a series,  leads to a wonderful unfolding of one’s creativity.

Creating  in a series leads to Cathedral Cove Lifting Off

What follows is the last in this series of Cathedral Cove paintings to date.  As I write this I am continuing to work on cave like images, but have since moved on to other places that inspire me.  Of all the athedral Cove images, these are I feel, the best and were only arrived at by creating in a series and painting my way through the other works.  So what we are seeing here is that series of works evolvingto a conclusion, and it is interesting to see how the subconscious flow allows somethings to emerge and take precedence, and others to fade away.

For example you will see in both of these works that the ground has fallen completely away and the angelic like figures have taken precedence.  These figures now dominate both works.

Then we can observe that the surrounding space, particularly in the Cathedral Cove VII,  has become almost womb like.

Creating in a series

Cathedral Cove VII 20″x16″

I have felt that presence very strongly while working with this cave in particular.  When you are standing inside there you feel, enclosed, almost cradled within mother earth’s arms, that you are within her womb in a sense!

Also this painting was a study really,  for the larger one and painted  on a much smaller canvas.  The brush work is more raw and the figures take up a much larger space in the picture plane than in the painting below.


Creating in a series continued - Cathedral Cove VIII

Cathedral Cove VIII

In the second painting as seen above, the figures are more elevated, they soar above us and are represented with a much stronger colour palette.  This is by far the more elegant of the two pieces. If you really want to push yourself, then creating  in a series is the way to go. I never dreamed I would end up with these paintings when I began my first left handed Cathedral cove painting.


Next Post :     The transition paintings




The Working Artist

The Working Artist

The working artist, now what does that mean exactly? It is amazing how much of our journey as an artist is in our heads. Or in our heart and not in our heads.  It has taken me most of my life time so far to realize and own being an artist and what that means to me.  So many of the stories I told myself,  kept me from the truth of  the creator I really am.  However when I look back, there was always creativity going on at some level. So this journey continues. And finally realizing that I truly am a working artist, is a wonderful thing.


Working Artist

Cathedral Cove V

So apart from teaching others how to unfold their own creativity for 16 hours a week, I now spend as much of the rest of my time as I can, engaged with my creative process.

There are of course many different roles one engages in during the course of creating art works and finally exhibiting them.

  • Updating Inventory and keeping the studio stocked with –  ie paints, canvas, stretcher bars, screws, staples, string, paint brushes etc.
  • Artist Dates
  • Planning – Choosing what to paint – long and short term, building a bigger picture
  • Research – Finding galleries, looking for subject matter, mining personal histories..

And of course that doesn’t take into account any of the regular other stuff one has to do, like shopping, picking kids up from school, cooking, cleaning…… yada, yada, yada…..

To continue unfolding my working artist, here are 2 more paintings in the cave series.

The Working Artist - Cathedral Cove VI

Cathedral Cove VI

Tp paint this image I again turned the previous painting upside down and proceeded to paint it . Interestingly it can really be viewed either way. And this way it becomes an entirely different proposition

The Working Artist - Cathedral Cove VI

Cathedral Cove VI The Right Way Up

I then pushed the  image even further, into the following work…….

Working artist - Cathedral Cove IX

Cathedral Cove IX

Next Post: But wait – there’s more! Look out for the next installment in the Cathedral Cove series


Cathedral Cove – Te Whanganui-A-Hei

Firstly I’d like to share a photo of this magical place, Cathedral Cove, which I visited earlier this year and is a favourite place of mine from my childhood. My second post in this series is to bring you the next two pieces in the three painting,  left-handed challenge that I have begun. Cathedral Cove Below is the second painting, which incidentally was painted from the first painting, which I turned upside down first.  I then proceeded to paint it, continuing with the left hand again.  I also used a palette knife in this painting as can be seen by the very textured appearance in the upper right hand corner of the work. When I had finally finished it, I turned the painting up the right way, as you see it here and was fascinated to observe that the cave had lifted off the ground in the process!

Cathedral Cove II

Cathedral Cove II 18×24″

The next one was a little larger and in it I worked to convey the idea of the interconnectedness of the elements, rock and air.

Cathedral Cove III

Cathedral Cove III 38×27″

Next Post: The beginning of the five paintings in a week challenge!

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