No More Mud – Let’s demystify colour mixing

Workshop – Part One 


Colour Workshop

 This is a one day workshop in colour mixing from the ground up. Colour mixing explained in very simple terms with hands on practice and a work book to go with it.  I will be publishing the workbook within the next few weeks as an ebook, so if you are unable to attend the workshop stay tuned!!

Are you frustrated with your colour mixing efforts? If so this is a must do session to get your colour under control!

  • You will go away with a very clear idea of not only basic colour mixing but also a clear understanding of terms like Hue, Value,Complimentary Colours, and what this all means in regards to any given painting you might do.
  • You will also learn what happens when you don’t get it right, as it is my belief that this is just as, if not more important than getting it right. If you don’t know why you’ve ended up with mud then how can you possibly fix it.
  • Understanding the science of colour mixing makes your life so much easier when you are painting. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation and saves you dollops of time and money in the long run.
  • Experience the joy of getting the colour you want to see on your palette rather than a muddy version of it.
  • You learn to gauge which particular colours you need and the relative strength of each one.

I ran this workshop last year and here is what others thought about it…..

“Great place for me to start. Lots of practice to do at home. I will definitely come for more workshops.” Kim C

“Definitely informative – practical info that will definitely be used and referred to in class and future art works.  Great to learn basics.”  Stephanie M

“Really helpful learning, fun and relaxed environment.  I’d definitely recommend this workshop to others.  The stand out for me? ‘The Book’ – a great reference to keep and the ‘hands on’ which helped to bring the learning to life. ” Marg H

WHERE IS IT? : The Arts Barn Kariong. 2 Dandaloo St, Kariong –  See Google Map in sidebar

WHEN IS IT? :   Sunday 19th August 2012

WHAT TIME IS IT?  Start sharp at 9am – Finishing between 4 and 4.30pm


If you are interested please contact me on 04144 38121 and I will give you the details for payment and the materials list and other information you might need.

Colour Mixing Workshop

Phew – I have finally done it.  After around 2 months preparation the three hours whizzed by in the blink of an eye. I find that colour mixing is the one thing that bamboozles students more than anything else. It seems that much of the information floating around on how to do it is far too simplistic and leads to nothing more than ”mud” and frustration.

Colour Mixing with paint swatches

Colour mixing with paint swatches

It seems that everyone attending had a ‘light bulb’ moment or two which was fantastic and certainly a desired outcome on my part.

Steve mixing a graded tonal chart

Steve mixing a graded tonal chart

We covered all the basics of colour mixing on the day beginning with a look at how light produces what we perceive as colour when we look at something.  This was followed by some graded exercises in tone and understanding technical terms as; hue, tints, shades, chroma and more.  We finished up the day with the students all working on a very quick study experimenting with complimentary colours.  Here is Jo’s work which came up really well.

Study using complimentary colours

Study using complimentary colours

I would like to thank everyone who made the time to come and explore  this difficult subject with me and I know it will stand you in good stead as you continue your ‘Arting’! Well done !

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