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Colour mixing freedom is something all new artists long for. If you want the short road, then frankly you need to get some tuition on it. I spent many years painting and it wasn’t until I went to a professional artist to get some help with my drawing that I realised I actually had a completely wrong concept about colour mixing. I am not going to say it is easy. It isn’t. However once you understand the principles behind colour mixing you have some powerful tools in your toolbox. It’s only then that you can begin to really these tools and  get the colour mixing results that you could only dream of before. When you do not understand the principles involved in colour mixing, it always seems to be such a hit and miss affair. A bit of a lottery really.

You see, the issue is a scientific one, and until you actually understand the science behind it you cannot truly understand what happens when you mix two of your paints together. It is for this reason that I have put together two colour mixing workshops. There is a beginners and an advanced. A couple of weeks ago I told you about beginners workshop. Today I’m going to fill you in on what we do in the second Workshop. So if you have already done the beginning one and you are wondering if you really need to do the more advanced one, this post should help you to make that decision.

In the Advanced Workshop you will learn:

How to understand more advanced colour mixing knowledge. In order to attend this workshop you will have had to have done the introductory workshop first.

  • More on colour values
  • Mixing dominant and subordinate colour
  • Abstract Complementaries
  • Colour discords
  • Analogous colours and split complementaries
  • The psychology of colour
  • We will look at relationships between colours, how they affect each other and how you can use this to your advantage.


Colour mixing freedom,Colour Workshop,

Playing with complementary colours


A Payment plan is also available. You may spread the payments over 3, monthly payments of $80 per month for each workshop.

TIME: Workshops are from 9am—4pm. It is a full day so you will need to bring lunch.  Morning and afternoon tea are provided.

VENUE: Studio 1—60 Maitland Rd, Springfield

WHAT TO BRING: Once you have paid your deposit you will receive a follow-up email with details of what you will need to bring.  If you have any questions, please call or email me.

NB: When you have booked please email me that you have done so and I will email you a list of the materials you will need to bring.

CONTACT DETAILS: Kadira Ph: 04144 38121 or email

The bank details are below –

Please put your FIRST NAME, LAST INITIAL and the following codes depending on what you are attending ….    WKSHP I, WKSHP II  or BOTH WKSHP on your deposit I look forward to seeing you there and helping you navigate the minefield of achieving colour mixing freedom.Art Classes Central Coast

BANK: (Westpac Erina)

BSB: 032564

A/C:  255662

I look forward to seeing you there and helping you navigate the minefield of achieving colour mixing freedom.


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Pix Credit: Photo by 422737 (Pixabay)

The Colour Mixing Workshop Part II

This was a great success with a full house on the day.

We worked through some fairly challenging exercises, covering a lot of ground.

Colour Workshop

We tackled colour value relationships and looked at the different Value Keys that a painting can be tied to. Like music, art can be looked at in terms of Keys.In painting we have a Low Key, an Intermediate Key and a High Key and paintings can usually be classified in one of these broad terms. High Key painting for example, is very light all over where as the Low Key painting is generally dark.

Colour Workshop
A colour mixing workshop is a great opportunity to take a look at how colours affect each other and do some fascinating exercises in relation to this. In the example below all the small squares are the same tone and value, however, as you can see, they look quite different depending on the surrounding colours.

Colour mixing workshop,How local colour affects another colour

How local colours affects one another


We then went on to working with complementary greys and, using complementary colours, did some exercises involving dominant and subordinate colour.

The latter part of the workshop was taking up with learning about the Analogous colour wheel and split complementary colours for painting. We also did some other colour exercises which included working with all the knowledge they had gained on the day and implementing it.

Colour Workshop


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Colour Workshops

Many things can be learnt from colour workshops.   The weekend before last, this is what we did.  A solid day, six hours of colour theory and practice.  By taking time out to devote to an intense day of colour mixing, you can in the course of a day, get enough of a grasp on the colour principles to become fairly confident about what you are doing.  If you are struggling with colour, then I would strongly recommend you find someone doing a workshop near you and sign up.

Colour theory - Color mixing workshop

Color workshops

Colour theory is something that many aspiring artists spend hours being confused, irritated and despairing over.  Have you ever spent time trying to mix a particular colour only to end up with a mess of mud, over and over.  Well you are not alone there and I suspect that much of the problem lies with looking at the wrong books, poor teaching, watching misleading U Tube videos and mis-labelled paint tubes. Beginning next week, I am going to be starting a series of posts on the basics of colour theory. Below are some more images from the workshop……

Colour workshops

  including some of the colour charts the students did……..

Colour Workshops - Grey scale

Grey and One Colour scales

And mixing colour tints by adding white to a colour….

Mixing tints

Mixing tints

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Posted By: Kadira Jennings


No More Mud – Let’s demystify colour mixing

Workshop – Part One 


Colour Workshop

 This is a one day workshop in colour mixing from the ground up. Colour mixing explained in very simple terms with hands on practice and a work book to go with it.  I will be publishing the workbook within the next few weeks as an ebook, so if you are unable to attend the workshop stay tuned!!

Are you frustrated with your colour mixing efforts? If so this is a must do session to get your colour under control!

  • You will go away with a very clear idea of not only basic colour mixing but also a clear understanding of terms like Hue, Value,Complimentary Colours, and what this all means in regards to any given painting you might do.
  • You will also learn what happens when you don’t get it right, as it is my belief that this is just as, if not more important than getting it right. If you don’t know why you’ve ended up with mud then how can you possibly fix it.
  • Understanding the science of colour mixing makes your life so much easier when you are painting. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation and saves you dollops of time and money in the long run.
  • Experience the joy of getting the colour you want to see on your palette rather than a muddy version of it.
  • You learn to gauge which particular colours you need and the relative strength of each one.

I ran this workshop last year and here is what others thought about it…..

“Great place for me to start. Lots of practice to do at home. I will definitely come for more workshops.” Kim C

“Definitely informative – practical info that will definitely be used and referred to in class and future art works.  Great to learn basics.”  Stephanie M

“Really helpful learning, fun and relaxed environment.  I’d definitely recommend this workshop to others.  The stand out for me? ‘The Book’ – a great reference to keep and the ‘hands on’ which helped to bring the learning to life. ” Marg H

WHERE IS IT? : The Arts Barn Kariong. 2 Dandaloo St, Kariong –  See Google Map in sidebar

WHEN IS IT? :   Sunday 19th August 2012

WHAT TIME IS IT?  Start sharp at 9am – Finishing between 4 and 4.30pm


If you are interested please contact me on 04144 38121 and I will give you the details for payment and the materials list and other information you might need.

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