Your Creative Genius

This week I want to bring you some thoughts about creativity from someone who is not an artist, but a writer. You may be familiar with Liz Gilbert the author of Eat, Pray, Love. Below is a video, her TED talk, on the subject of your elusive creative genius. She covers many ideas that all creatives grapple with. Enjoy


Among the ideas she discusses is that creativity always leads to suffering, depression, anxiety etc, and she questions whether we really want to maintain that view of creativity. It’s really the whole view of artists that society has adopted, that of the starving artist syndrome.

artists painting photo

Why do we have such a negative view of the creative arts as a lifestyle and career? And I would also question, why does society not support their artists to a greater degree. What is so ironical is that if you stop to think about what are the most important and valuable things in the world.

What has sold for more money than any other commodity – that thing would be a painting. It’s amazing how artists are often vilified, and certainly not encouraged in their career choice, and yet the product of their labours are among the most highly valued things on this earth. Somehow to my mind that doesn’t quite add up.

Pix Credit: orijdotson (Pixabay)

Kadira 09

Well,  Hello and Welcome!

My name is Kadira and  wow, I’ve finally got my first post off the ground – AWESOME!!

I’d like to say Hello again and invite you to come on a journey with me that celebrates the unfolding of creativity in our lives and in the world at large.

It is my passionate belief  that we are all creative in some way or other and that one of our greatest challenges in life is to explore our own creative genius and allow it into the light of day to be shared with and enjoyed by others.

My blog is about exploring that creative spark within us all and encouraging people to understand that absolutely everyone is creative in their lives.  In fact as long as we are thinking, feeling and still breathing, we are moving towards creating Something.  The question is – what is that Something? A dream business, a new sculpture, a different recipe, or if you’re really ambitious what about a new world.

Some people do create worlds – authors do it every day.  James Cameron has done it spectacularly in Avatar.

What amazing things can you create?

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