A New Series is Blasting Its Way To The Canvas.

A New Series is on its way – finally. At the moment it is blasting its way through Photoshop, as I fiddle and tweak multiple images in an attempt to come up with some satisfying images. I could continue with the refugee theme, however I feel I’ve done my dash with that one, and I would like to revisit the recurring themes in some of my other work.


Art Processes

Inspiration for preliminary drawings



Recurring Themes

So what are these recurring themes? Well the main one that has constantly presented itself in a variety of ways, is the theme of layering. I think the reason for this is that I perceive the world as being multidimensional. Consciousness exists in different dimensions, i.e. our waking consciousness and our subconscious mind. How societies contain many layers was in them from the privileged to the underprivileged. And our world itself has many countries at different levels of advancement both physical spiritual and technological.
Of course as well as this, scientist’s have recently discovered the whole existence of the quantum field. The workings of this field fascinate me and I have done several courses with Dr Jean Houston  Ph.D. on how we can access and use it. She is a scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, and is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is long regarded as one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. 

Her work with quantum physics has given me to a completely different understanding of my relationship with my creativity. She has opened my eyes to the possibilities of co-creation with the vast creative potential the universe.
So this next body of work is being produced from a very different base level. At the moment I am working on becoming much more partnered with my intuition, working with embodying my ideas through movement and dance before attempting to place them on the canvas.





In the next post, I will share with you a portion of a recent channelling on this subject.

And I might add to the above quote – “If you dance with your heart, your body will follow and your brush will execute the dance of your heart.”

This Weeks Question: What is your creative process?  Are you familiar with it and does it work for you?

Next Weeks Post: What don’t you about colour – Colour workshop coming up?



Pix Credit: Shrimp Salad Circus

Artistic Process

Artistic Process

Well there are many elements to the creation of a work of art as I’m sure you well know. Today what I want to focus on in that artistic process is something that doesn’t get talked about really all that much, and that is the internal journey.

For me at the moment the internal journey is taking centre stage.  The brush is nowhere near the canvas, however the pencil is upon the paper. To aid me in the unfolding of this artistic process I have recently bought Jean Houston’s course ‘Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose’. Well it is pure gold.  She has many exercises both physical and mental to help you develop your senses and abilities to a higher level.  She gets you to work with your mind and internal senses in order to strengthen and develop your outer senses and abilities.  These techniques have been used by musicians, athletes, famous politicians and many others.

artistic process Jean Houston and Oprah

Jean Houston and Oprah

Here is a link to a free online course The 3 keys to discovering and living your life’s purpose, if you are interested. Even to increase just your skill levels in any chosen area, this is a learning opportunity that gives great insight into how you can progress rapidly.

For those of you who have been plying your craft for upward of five years now, how much thought have you put into the following questions. And even if you are a newbie here are some thoughts for a bit later on….

1. Is there a deeper purpose to my art?

2. Am I just content with making pretty pictures?

3. Why am I an Artist?

4. What intrinsic value does my art have?

Can you answer these questions? If you can’t I suggest you take a look at Jean Houston’s material.  I want you to know that I am not receiving any commission etc for promoting Jean’s work I just know it’s helping me and I am sure it can help you too!

Next Week’s Post: Some art works have made it back into the studio!


Pix Credit: http://bit.ly/1sOaGOm


New Beginnings

New Beginnings…..

New beginnings

New beginnings

Sometimes new beginnings require getting rid of the old or decluttering.  Well this might look a tad cluttered still, however there were several paintings hanging all around the walls. There was such a different vibe in this space once I took all the paintings out of it.  It’s almost as if they were all shouting at me and vying for attention.

New Beginnings

Empty Studio


The refreshing thing about all of this is that I have a much clearer head space.  So the last week has been a case of regrouping and a lot of internal work.  I’ve begun an amazing self-development on-line course with Jean Houston which is aimed at developing our more subtle gifts and senses, with the goal of really digging down into what is truly our higher purpose in life.  I have included a link to Jeans website where she gives a free webinar which gives you some insight into what she teaches.

I am 2 weeks into her course Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose and honestly – I’m blown away!! So although the brushes aren’t doing mileage on the canvas currently – there are huge strides being made in other directions.

Until next week ….. Keep on creating

Posted By: Kadira Jennings



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