Cathedral Cove – Te Whanganui-A-Hei

Firstly I’d like to share a photo of this magical place, Cathedral Cove, which I visited earlier this year and is a favourite place of mine from my childhood. My second post in this series is to bring you the next two pieces in the three painting,  left-handed challenge that I have begun. Cathedral Cove Below is the second painting, which incidentally was painted from the first painting, which I turned upside down first.  I then proceeded to paint it, continuing with the left hand again.  I also used a palette knife in this painting as can be seen by the very textured appearance in the upper right hand corner of the work. When I had finally finished it, I turned the painting up the right way, as you see it here and was fascinated to observe that the cave had lifted off the ground in the process!

Cathedral Cove II

Cathedral Cove II 18×24″

The next one was a little larger and in it I worked to convey the idea of the interconnectedness of the elements, rock and air.

Cathedral Cove III

Cathedral Cove III 38×27″

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