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creative practice

Creative Practice is a term relating to different elements in an artist’s life. Some people regard to all of these elements as creative practice however others relate this term to those things which are exclusively concerned with the creation of the art that they produce. I am going to outline some of those things that go into producing a painting, which are part of the creative process and therefore are the creative practice.

  • The first thing and I just must do is to come up with an idea for either single work or a body of works.
  • Painting can be just working on a single picture but this is an art practice that has no depth. As we develop and grow as artists, we endeavour to explore the depths of whatever subject we are examining. This often requires much thought. It can require research into ideas and techniques.
  • I will often build a mind map around certain idea – in this case – Beauty


Mind Map,beauty,kadira jennings,creative practice

  • From that point I will take one of the branches on the mind map and explore that further. In that exploration, I might be researching into painting techniques, or looking for visuals that support my idea.
  • Once I have a rough idea of what I want to do, I may then do some preliminary drawings.

I should mention at this point that the ideas I do use, do not usually just happened on your own and are not necessarily a result of specific research. Part of one’s art practice involves things that we notice on a day-to-day basis. This might be shadows of a particular tree or possibly the lights playing on the water at the beach, will give me an idea of the colour I would like to use in the next painting.

That is why the practice of the art of presence is so important in an artist’s life….. Mindfulness has become a buzz word of late, however this practice has been used by artists for centuries. All the things that I am aware of in my external environment become part of my internal awareness which I can then bring to my canvas once I get there.

This Weeks Question: How well do you understand your own creative practice?

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Photo Credit:  stokpic (Pixabay)