Taking Imagination Seriously

Taking Imagination Seriously is a topic, brought to life in a very real way in this weeks post. Today I want to share with you a wonderful video by Janet Echelman, who creates incredible sculptures, massive in scale, and her story of how she came to this art form.

There’s a wonderful story which arose from an incident that could have been a catastrophe for her and yet she turned into it something ultimately amazing. Watch the video to see how this unfolded for her.


It was only through the use of the imagination that she managed to turn a problematic event into a whole new direction for her art. As she says in the video, what enabled this to happen was her being able to see something that she had seen many times before, from a completely new perspective. Being able to look at fishing nets in a whole new way she began an exploration into what I would essentially call, wind sculptures.

One of the things she shared on the video that I found amazing to visualize, was that image of a whole building full of office people coming out of their workspace and lying on the ground in their suits underneath this massive sculpture to experience something so far outside their normal daily lives. What a wonderful thing to be able to have such a massive impact on others with your vision and creative structures.


Here are some more images of her work..

Taking Imagination Seriously,Dreamcatcher,ITA_Echelman_PhotoPaolaRe_5

These two images are different views of the same work titled – Dreamcatcher.

Taking Imagination Seriously,,Dream_catcher,ITA_Echelman_PhotoIlariaProvenzi_DSC_0083


Taking Imagination Seriously,van_echelman_photoemapeter_j3a4160-panorama

And at night it looks like this….

Taking Imagination Seriously,van_echelman_photoemapeter_j3a6797


I think one would have to say that Janet is certainly one who is taking imagination seriously, to a whole new level in fact. I’m staggered by the scale of these monumental works and their ephemeral beauty.


How Important Are Our Hands?

Well as an artist – my hands are supremely important to me. I always admire those artists that paint the ‘foot and mouth’ Christmas cards that we see every year. Hands are something that when we have them we just take for granted, day in and day out. The only time I probably think about them is in the winter when they get cracked and painful.

hands,Disabled painter Huang Guofu 2

Disabled painter Huang Guofu

Huang Guofu lost his arms and hands  in a tragic accident when he was four years old and began painting at around the age of twelve. The ability he has since developed would put many an amateur with arms to shame.

My inspiration for exploring this topic of the importance of hands in our lives, came from an online course friend I met recently, Janet Jordan – Sculpting hands.  She is a sculptress and has been examining this very subject in her work.

She has a fascinating article on her blog showing you how she goes about sculpting hands such as the ones you see in the figure below.

sculpting hands, Janet Jordan MD

I think it is always nice to appreciate and have gratitude for what we have, and fascinating to see what others are able to achieve who don’t have what we have. Thank you Janet for helping me to appreciate my own hands more.

Take a look at another of Huang’s works – what determination,patience and courage this man has to have achieved such a level of skill.Also thank you to you Huang for helping me to appreciate my own hands and make me wonder how much more I might be able to do with them.



Look at the scale of this work – Impressive !!!


hands Disabled painter Huang Guofu



This Weeks Question: How much do you appreciate your hands? 

Look For Next Monday’s Post: Creative Kismet – Another artists point of view.


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